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Archives – November, 2015

Open thread

Open thread.

Continue 34 Comments November 19, 2015

News round up and open thread

Congress meets to discuss anti-trans violence, and more.

Continue 11 Comments November 18, 2015

News round up and open thread

News from two same-sex adoption cases.

Continue 35 Comments November 17, 2015

BREAKING: Same-sex adoption case from Alabama reaches US Supreme Court

A challenge filed by a same-sex couple who adopted a child in another state and later moved to Alabama where the adoption was declared void.

Continue 24 Comments November 16, 2015

Equality news round-up: News from Ireland and Kentucky

News in the Kim Davis case, and more.

Continue 17 Comments November 16, 2015

READ IT HERE: Government files motion to dismiss in Chelsea Manning’s transgender rights case

Motion asks court to dismiss case.

Continue 18 Comments November 13, 2015

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