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Archives – August, 2016

Supreme Court is asked to hear challenge to anti-transgender Gloucester County School Board ordinance

The Supreme Court could take up the transgender rights case sometime in its term that begins in October.

Continue 36 Comments August 30, 2016

Federal judge: University of North Carolina can’t enforce HB2’s bathroom law

A preliminary injunction has been issued.

Continue 26 Comments August 29, 2016

Obama administration’s guidelines interpreting gender identity as sex temporarily blocked by federal district court

A blow to transgender rights as the administration’s regulations are enjoined pending trial.

Continue 40 Comments August 23, 2016

UPDATE: Equality news round-up: Disappointing judicial decisions from Michigan, the Seventh Circuit, and more

Judges and an appeals court ruled against LGBT plaintiffs.

Continue 10 Comments August 22, 2016

UPDATED: Gloucester County School Board asks Supreme Court for more time to file petition in transgender teen’s case

The school board wants 30 more days.

Continue 50 Comments August 16, 2016

Equality news round-up: News from North Carolina, Alabama, and more

News updates on HB2, and Roy Moore.

Continue 51 Comments August 9, 2016

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