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READ IT HERE: Early response filed in Supreme Court request to hear transgender rights case

Transgender Rights

Virginia state sealOn August 29, the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia asked the US Supreme Court to hear a case involving a transgender high school student’s challenge to the board’s ordinance blocking him from using public school restrooms because of his transgender status.

The normal procedure would require the student’s opposition brief to be filed 30 days later, but on September 13, the student’s lawyers, including the ACLU and ACLU of Virginia, filed their opposition early in the hopes that the Court can consider the case earlier, since school has already started.

The brief argues against Supreme Court review at this time, pointing out the lack of a circuit split and the fact that the case comes to the Court on a preliminary injunction, so it isn’t a final judgment. The lawyers for the student ask the Court to hold off on reviewing the issues involved in the case until a more appropriate case comes along. The case could be scheduled for conference in early October.

You can read the filing here and the ACLU’s press release here.

Thanks to Equality Case Files for these filings

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