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3/8 open thread


This is an open thread. We’ll post any breaking news.


  • 1. ianbirmingham  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    Russia hatches sinister plan to ban trans, bisexual, abortion and polyamorous ‘propaganda’

    Russia already bans positive depictions of LGBT+ people and threatens hefty prison sentences for anyone who even comes close to challenging the country’s prevailing anti-LGBT+ attitudes.

    In the decade since it was introduced, the law has been used to silence activists, shut down Pride events and monitor students’ social media profiles.

  • 2. VIRick  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:30 pm

    South Dakota: Second-in-Nation in 2021 to Pass Anti-Transgender Sports Bill

    On 8 March 2021, the South Dakota legislature finished passing a bill that would ban transgender girls and women from school and college sports, after the state’s Senate passed HB 1217 in a 20-15 vote. There are only three Democrats in the chamber.

    The bill passed the state’s House earlier this year and is now headed to the governor’s desk. Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has already said publicly that she will sign the bill.

  • 3. VIRick  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:31 pm

    Romania: European Court to Consider Lack of Implementation of EU Law Enabling Freedom of Movement for Same-Sex Spouses

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    Almost three years after the European Court ruled that Romania must recognize a same-sex couple under EU freedom of movement legislation, its government is yet to implement the judgement. In June 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a landmark judgment, recognizing that same-sex spouses are also spouses under EU freedom of movement laws. Almost three years later, Romania has still not respected the judgment by granting the male spouse of a Romanian man a residence permit in Romania. Together with the Romanian LGBTI organization ACCEPT, as of 9 March 2021, the couple has now taken the case to the European Court of Human Rights to address this failure of implementation of the CJEU judgment and finally have their rights recognized.

    In the ground-breaking judgment of Relu Adrian Coman and Others v. Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrări and Ministerul Afacerilor Interne, delivered on 5 June 2018, the CJEU clarified that the term "spouse" in the EU Freedom of Movement Directive (2004/38/EC) includes same-sex spouses, and that Romanian authorities must ensure that EU law is implemented equally and duly, without discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation. In practice, this means that Romania must recognize same-sex partnerships from other EU countries, and therefore needs to grant a residence permit to Adrian Coman’s partner and others in similar situations.

    In line with the CJEU judgment, the right to family life of same-sex couples was reaffirmed by the Constitutional Court of Romania in July 2018, yet Romania continues to refuse to acknowledge the judgments and to provide the residence permit.

  • 4. VIRick  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    Panamá: New Bill Bars Same-Sex Couples from Adopting

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    On 3 March 2021, the National Assembly of Panamá passed a bill that includes a discriminatory prohibition on adoption by same-sex couples, Human Rights Watch said. Bill No. 120, which aims to protect children and adolescents from unnecessary separation from their biological family, allows for adoption by both single persons and married couples. However, not only are same-sex marriages not yet legal in Panamá, but the bill defines eligible married couples as those composed of partners of “different sex.”

    President Laurentino Cortizo should veto articles 22 and 26 of the bill, which violate international human rights standards on non-discrimination, respect for private and family life, and the rights of the child, and instead perpetuates prejudices about LGB people. Having passed the National Assembly, this bill is now ready for his signature. He has the legal authority to veto all or part of it.

    Panamanian law does not exclude an individual who is lesbian, gay, or bi-sexual from adopting a child as a single parent and raising them with their partner. Yet this places a discriminatory burden on these parents and children. For example, if the adopting parent dies, the other may not be able to establish custody. Having two legal parents may also have implications for a host of different aspects of a child’s life, including traveling or seeking medical care with the non-adopting parent, or inheriting property.

  • 5. VIRick  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    Nebraska: Lincoln Becomes First City in State to Ban Anti-LGBT "Conversion Therapy"

    On Monday, 22 February 2021, Lincoln became the first city in Nebraska to ban "conversion therapy" on LGBTQ youth after a 5-1 City Council vote. The move bars counselors, psychiatrists, and therapists from seeking to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor.

  • 6. VIRick  |  March 9, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    Mexico City: 11th Anniversary of Marriage Equality

    Per Red Nacional Turismo LGBT Mexico:

    La CDMX fue la primera ciudad en América Latina en reconocer el matrimonio igualitario en su legislación civil. En 2009, fue aprobada en la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal y entró en vigor el 4 de marzo de 2010.

    CDMX (Mexico City) was the first city in Latin America to recognize marriage equality in its civil legislation. In 2009, it was approved in the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and entered into effect on 4 March 2010.

    En 11 años, se han realizado 13 mil 134 matrimonios igualitarios en la CDMX. De ellos, seis mil 997 fueron parejas de hombres y seis mil 137 de mujeres.

    In 11 years, there have been 13,134 equal marriages in CDMX. Of those, 6,997 were male couples and 6,137 were female.

  • 7. bayareajohn  |  March 9, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Aaaaand we're back. Not entirely yet, the RECENT POSTS remains inert.

  • 8. VIRick  |  March 10, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    Texas: Houston Bakery Facing Two Lawsuits over LGBT Discrimination

    A Houston bakery will have to defend itself in court after two separate lawsuits have been filed against it alleging discrimination and harassment against LGBTQ employees.

    "OutSmart" reports that Dessert Gallery is being sued separately by Gilbert Johnson, a gay man, and Katherine Phillips, a lesbian, who both claim they were wrongfully fired because they are gay. According to the suits, Johnson and Phillips were fired from their jobs only one day apart, and that was after both of them had been subject to harassment about their sexuality.

    Johnson, who worked as a general manager, says that he received “sexualized commentary from his supervisor’s husband” and that after that, he was treated differently. He also alleges that after he hired a transgender woman, he was told he wasn’t allowed to hire any new employees. Both Johnson and Phillips say they were subjected to “offensive remarks” when they defended their trans co-worker and other LGBTQ people. Johnson says he was “bombarded” with questions about how the trans employee would use the restroom.

    Phillips also claims that she was unable to advance within the company because of the discrimination. Johnson had given her a promotion at one point, but she was demoted after just one month, and then fired one month later. Johnson was fired the next day. The suit says the transgender employee was also fired.

    Both plaintiffs are represented by local attorney and LGBTQ activist Fran Watson, who said there was unlawful bias in both cases. “Even the best companies make mistakes, and the bias has to be minimized because you’re impacting and interacting with a diverse workforce,” Watson said. “Seeing that three LGBTQ people were fired in a month—and two within a day of each other—shows that inherent bias was present. We want the law to remedy that mistake.”

  • 9. VIRick  |  March 10, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Baja California: Tijuana City Government Hosts Collective LGBT Marriage Ceremony

    El 15 de febrero 2021, por primera vez en la historia de Tijuana, contrajeron matrimonio 17 parejas de la comunidad LGTB en la ceremonia de bodas organizada por el ayuntamiento de Tijuana.

    "Lo único que hicimos fue aplicar los derechos de la Suprema Corte de los derechos humanos. Es una cuestión de voluntad política, y este ayuntamiento la tiene," comentó Magaly Ronquillo, Oficial 01 del Registro Civil.

    On 15 February 2021, for the first time in Tijuana's history, 17 couples from the LGBT community were married at the wedding ceremony organized by the Tijuana city council.

    "The only thing we did was to apply the rights from the Supreme Court for human rights. It is a matter of political will, and this city council has it," said Magaly Ronquillo, Official 01 of the Civil Registry.

    Every year, on or about Valentine's Day, there is a long-standing tradition in Mexico for most of the larger cities throughout the nation to host and pay for a collective, public civil marriage ceremony and group reception as a means of encouraging more couples to legally marry, particularly among the poorer classes who may not be able to afford the stand-alone expense of it all.

    So, although these 17 couples were not the first same-sex couples to marry in Tijuana, they were the first to marry in this annual city-sponsored event. In addition, although the state of Baja California has yet to up-date its civil code to legally allow same-sex couples to marry, the city of Tijuana, in particular, has moved full-speed ahead to allow same-sex couples to legally marry there, ultimately basing said decision on Supreme Court jurisprudence.

  • 10. VIRick  |  March 10, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Playing "Catch-Up" with New Posts at EoT

    Because of the several recent protracted outages at Equality on Trial due to the continuing server problems which seem to be plaguing the site of late, a number of the "new" posts just entered onto this latest thread actually date back several weeks in real time to late February or very early March. Many had been saved in my own archives, waiting patiently for EoT to finally re-appear so that they could then actually be transferred and posted over here.

    The "Recent Comments" side-bar feature is still not functioning, but everything else on the EoT site seems to have returned to normal.

    In order to prepare for the next potential server problem, if you have saved "Intense Debate" to your computer, you will at least be able to view the archives feature here at EoT by accessing it directly via "Intense Debate." You will not be able to make any new posts, but you will be able to review all of your own previous posts, as well as all of the previous posts made by anyone who you already chose to "follow," which you can access by simply clicking on their avatar under your own profile. But such precautions need to be done now, while EoT is functioning. Once EoT has crashed, you will not be able to make any changes or additions. There is only one exception: You can still edit your own 140-letter profile.

    "Intense Debate" is here:

  • 11. bayareajohn  |  March 11, 2021 at 11:36 am

    Does anyone know who actually runs this thing anymore? My contact list includes only people no longer working with EOT or Courage Campaign. When the site went under a week ago, I contacted them all anyway, and ONE replied that he would attempt to find someone still affiliated. Shortly after, the site is back, but no real reason to relate my contacts to its return.

    The BUG REPORT on the side goes to a blank page. The Bug report at the bottom of the pages goes to a form, which appears to work, but nothing sent that way appears to get to anyone – at least no one who can fix anything or reply at all, ever. The "links" for Scottie at the top of every topic go nowhere, despite appearing to be an email link, a facebook link, and a twitter link.

    If there is no one who can be reached for issues, and no one will come forward to be an actual contact, we must presume that we are leftovers that will sooner or later need a new home. That is sad. This one has great history and still a few dedicated contributors. But we are powerless.

    Can anyone help?

  • 12. VIRick  |  March 11, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    John, I was actually able to directly connect with a live human being (Scottie Thomaston) in real time here:

    Next time, instead of utilizing any of the non-working links associated with this site we are presently on, go directly to that Facebook link instead.

    My initial inquiry was:
    What has happened to <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”> as it is not possible to access it again, ever since 5 March 2021. VIRick

    Within a minute, this was his response to me:
    Hey, there’s a server issue. I’ve made people aware of it so I’m hoping it is fixed soon. I was able to finally log in on the back end tonight to post an open thread so I am hoping it’s coming back up soon. But they are definitely working on it.

    This exchange occurred on the night of 8 March 2021, at which point Scottie had already uploaded the current thread that we are presently reading. However, it took more than 24 hours before it finally appeared here where all of us could actually see it and begin to post new posts.

    Ianbirmingham actually tipped me off that EoT was finally back up and running again by sending me a series of inquiries and comments at my own archives.

    Because of this recurring server issue, I am fearful that we are in the process of losing many of the regular participants and readers. This site also needs some serious up-dating, as none of the "contact us" points seem to be active, just as you so accurately mentioned.

  • 13. VIRick  |  March 10, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    This is the companion 2016 Chilean Supreme Court ruling pertinent to the incidents discussed in the Chilevision film immediately above:

    Chile: Supreme Court: Man Can Decide Where to Bury Gay Partner in Los Ángeles

    Chile: Corte Suprema: Hombre Podrá Decidir Donde Sepultar a su Pareja Gay en Los Ángeles

    En un hecho sin precedentes, la Corte Suprema de Chile dictó sentencia favorable a los derechos de un homosexual sobre los restos de su pareja gay fallecida en 2014, en detrimento de la familia del fallecido, en reconocimiento a la unión de hecho que por 12 años mantuvo la pareja.

    El fallo, difundido este jueves, 30 de junio 2016, en Santiago, reconoce los derechos de los convivientes pese a que no habí­a ví­nculo legal entre ellos, ya que la ley de Unión Civil se aprobó en Chile en 2015.

    In an unprecedented decision, the Supreme Court of Chile ruled in favor of the rights of a gay man over the remains of his partner who died in 2014, to the detriment of the family of the deceased, in recognition of their de-facto union of 12 years' duration.

    The ruling, released Thursday, 30 June 2016, in Santiago, recognizes the rights of cohabiting couples, despite the fact that there was no legal link between them, since the Civil Union Act was only passed in Chile in 2015.

    Note, in this specific instance, Los Ángeles is a city in south-central Chile, the capital of Bio Bí­o province, not its more-famous name-sake in California. It is one of my favorite areas in Chile, and if nothing else, the film will show one just exactly how modern and affluent that region truly is.

  • 14. VIRick  |  March 11, 2021 at 9:55 am

    Maryland House Unanimously Passes Bill Banning LGBTQ "Panic" Defense

    On Wednesday, 10 March 2021, the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously passed a bill that would ban the so-called LGBTQ "panic" defense in the state.

    “No Marylander should be denied justice because of who they are,” state Del. Julie Palakovich Carr (D-Montgomery County), the bill’s sponsor, told the "Washington Blade." “The unanimous passage of HB 231 by the House reaffirms that LGBTQ rights are human rights. I look forward to the Senate acting on the bill so that Maryland can join a growing list of states that have passed this important protection.”

    House Bill 231 would ban a defendant’s use of the “discovery” of a victim’s gender identity or sexual orientation as “a defense to the crime of assault in any degree.” The bill was previously introduced during the 2020 session, which was shortened due to the pandemic. It passed in the House last year with one dissenting vote.

  • 15. Randolph_Finder  |  March 11, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    The bill was basically killed by COVID-19. The Legislature prioritized COVID related bills over everything else. I expect the bill will pass the Senate, and my *guess* is that Hogan won't get in the way.

  • 16. ianbirmingham  |  March 11, 2021 at 2:18 pm

    Turkish Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun: "Hideous" LGBTQ community will not be allowed on Turkish soil

    It is an attack on Turkish society that "hideousness’’ such as homosexuality would be presented to Turkish youth as something normal, Altun said at a digitial communication workshop. "Presenting such ugliness as something normal is an attack on our social order and the noble character of our nation," he added.

    Turkish officials have increased their anti-LGBTIQ discourse in January, after student protests against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s decision to appoint a party loyalist to head one of the country’s most prestigious universities. “There is no such thing as LGBT,” Erdoğan said adding that the country’s youth were not members of the group.

    “Is there such a thing as LGBT in our past? These are things that happen in the West,” Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said. “In my faith, LGBT is deviant.”

  • 17. VIRick  |  March 11, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    From the History of the Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire, based in Istanbul, decriminalized homosexuality in 1858 with the adoption of the Imperial Ottoman Penal Code during the Tanzimat period. At that point in time, the empire included all of modern-day Turkey, plus Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Thessaly, Romania, Bulgaria, East Rumelia, Thrace, Crete, Cyprus, Batum (Georgia), Kars (Armenian Kurdistan), Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Cyrenaica, Fezzan, Tripoli, Tunisia, Kurdistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Hejaz, Western Arabia, Eritrea, Somaliland, and Yemen.

    In Turkey itself, the Ottoman Penal Code remains in force, and homosexuality remains decriminalized. Thus, either Erdogan and his Interior Minister are loudly fulminating and grandstanding in order to score some cheap political points, or both are truly ignorant of Turkish history and Turkish law.

  • 18. VIRick  |  March 11, 2021 at 6:08 pm

    Bhutan Decriminalizes Same-Sex Sexual Relations

    The tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan became the latest country to decriminalize gay sex, as its Penal Code Amendment Act came into force on 17 February 2021.

    The process to remove the Penal Code’s Section 213 prohibiting “unnatural sex,” which was defined to include “sodomy,” began in 2019. The National Assembly, the lower house of the Bhutanese Parliament, passed a bill repealing that section, but the upper National Council reinserted it. A joint sitting of Parliament in December 2020 agreed on an amendment that maintained the prohibition on “unnatural sex,” but clarified that “homosexuality between adults shall not be considered unnatural sex.” The law then awaited the signature of Druk Gyalpo, the King of Bhutan.

    There are still 71 nations worldwide that continue to criminalize same-sex sexual relations.

  • 19. VIRick  |  March 11, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    Mexico: Federal Law Recognizing Marriage Equality, Reproductive Autonomy Advances

    Per la Agencia Mexiquense de Noticias and El Mundo de Orizaba:
    El 11 de marzo 2021, la Comisión de Puntos Constitucionales de la Cámara de Diputados aprobó el proyecto de reforma a 29 artículos de la Constitución Mexicana en materia de Igualdad Sustantiva, es decir, reconoce el Matrimonio Igualitario y la Autonomía Reproductiva. El dictamen fue turnado a la Mesa Directiva en el Palacio de San Lázaro con la intención de discutirlo y votarlo próximamente en el pleno.

    On 11 March 2021, the Constitutional Points Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the draft reform to 29 articles of the Mexican Constitution in matters of Substantive Equality, that is, it recognizes Marriage Equality and Reproductive Autonomy. The draft was sent to the Board of Directors at the Palacio de San Lázaro with the intention of discussing it and voting on it soon in full session.

    "La Mesa Directiva en el Palacio de San Lázaro" is a phrasing that is difficult to translate directly into sensible English. Basically put, "La Mesa Directiva" refers to the leadership group within the chamber who are in charge of scheduling the debate times on the upcoming agenda. "El Palacio de San Lázaro" is the seat of the federal legislative power of the Mexican government, being the permanent meeting place of the Chamber of Deputies.

  • 20. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    Tlaxcala: First Marriage of a Same-Sex Couple since Legalization by Law

    Hoy, el 12 de marzo 2021, se hace la primera unión de una pareja del mismo sexo tras aprobarse oficialmente el matrimonio civil igualitario en Tlaxcala. ¡Felicidades Margarita e Iliana!

    Las reformas al Código Civil, avaladas el 8 de diciembre, fueron publicadas en el Periódico Oficial de Tlaxcala el 4 de febrero 2021.

    Today, 12 March 2021, the first union of a same-sex couple is made following the official approval of equal civil marriage in Tlaxcala. Congratulations Margarita and Iliana!

    The reforms to the Civil Code, approved on 8 December 2020, were published in the Official Newspaper of Tlaxcala on 4 February 2021.

    Per Lucy Pérez:

    Hoy en el Registro Civil de Apizaco se llevó a cabo el primer matrimonio igualitario tras su aprobación por el Congreso de Tlaxcala en diciembre del 2020.

    Today in the civil registry of Apizaco the first equal marriage took place following its approval by the Tlaxcala Congress in December 2020.

  • 21. ianbirmingham  |  March 12, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Russia cuts tender gay scene from Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth romance 'Supernova'

  • 22. ianbirmingham  |  March 12, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    Belgium to legally recognise non-binary people, vows trans deputy prime minister

  • 23. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    Texas: State Appeals Court Ruling Extends State-Level Protections to LGBTQ Employees

    Per HRC and LGBT Marriage News:

    On 11 March 2021, in "Tarrant County Community College v. Sims," the Texas 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas state law prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sex also provides protections against discrimination for LGBTQ workers. The favorable decision provides state-level protections for LGBTQ workers for the first time under Texas state law.

    The Texas appeals court’s opinion included language that interprets the Texas Commission on Human Relations Act (TCHRA) consistent with the recent US Supreme Court decision, "Bostock v. Clayton County," that determined discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by federal law.

  • 24. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    California: Bill Introduced to Repeal "Walking/Loitering while Trans" Law

    Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has introduced Senate Bill 357, repealing provisions of California law that criminalize loitering for the intent to engage in sex work.

    This law, arrests for which are based on an officer’s subjective perception of whether a person is “acting like” they intend to engage in sex work, results in the disproportionate criminalization of transgender, Black, and Brown people, and perpetuates violence toward sex workers. SB 357 does not de-criminalize soliciting or engaging in sex work. Rather, it simply eliminates an anti-loitering offense that leads to harmful treatment of people for merely “appearing” to be a sex worker.

  • 25. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 4:07 pm

    CFPB: Banks/Lenders May Not Discriminate against LGBT Persons in Credit

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    The federal government agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, says banks and lenders cannot discriminate against LGBTQ applicants. On Tuesday, 9 March 2021, this government agency, which is intended to protect consumers from financial fraud and abuse, issued guidance stating that the Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits banks and lenders from rejecting credit and lending services to applicants who identify as LGBTQ, those who don’t conform with traditional sex- or gender-based stereotypes, or applicants who might have been refused based on their social or other associations.

    The CFPB’s guidance is rooted in the US Supreme Court decision from June 2020, "Bostock v. Clayton County," which found that prohibitions on sex-based discrimination apply equally to persons who are discriminated against due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • 26. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    Biden Signs Executive Order Banning Anti-LGBT Discrimination in Schools

    Per The White House:

    Executive Order on Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity, Dated 8 March 2021

    Sec. 1. Policy. It is the policy of my Administration that all students should be guaranteed an educational environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex, including discrimination in the form of sexual harassment, which encompasses sexual violence, and including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. For students attending schools and other educational institutions that receive Federal financial assistance, this guarantee is codified, in part, in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. 1681 et seq., which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance.

    Sec. 2. Review of Agency Actions. (a) Within 100 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of Education, in consultation with the Attorney General, shall review all existing regulations, orders, guidance documents, policies, and any other similar agency actions (collectively, agency actions) that are or may be inconsistent with the policy set forth in section 1 of this order, and provide the findings of this review to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.


  • 27. VIRick  |  March 12, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Hungary: Constitutional Court Tosses Retroactive Ban on Recognizing Gender Change

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    On Friday, 12 March 2021, the Constitutional Court of Hungary said it had thrown out a government bid to stop people who have already changed gender from being recognized on official documents, an issue that pitched the ruling conservative Fidesz party against liberal critics.

    Anyone beginning the transition after the May 2020 legislation remains unable to win recognition for the change, but activists said multiple legal challenges had been filed and that they were encouraged by today’s decision.

    Hungary had outlawed legal status for all transgender persons, including for those who had already made the switch, retroactive legislation that the court has now deemed to be unconstitutional.

    Six of 14 justices articulated dissenting opinions, with one dissenting opinion, that of Justice Imre Juhasz acknowledging that name change was still a fundamental rights issue. “Name change in connection to gender change is based on human identity and the sanctity of equal human dignity,” he wrote.

  • 28. ianbirmingham  |  March 12, 2021 at 9:07 pm

    Turkish professor deems queer community 'debauched, dishonorable'

    A professor at western Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University said that Turkey's queer community is a debauched and dishonorable bunch who are attempting to present immorality as legal. Mustafa Hakkı Ertan said that non-heterosexual families are illegitimate because the basis of the family is reproduction, and said that queerness could bring about the end of humanity.

  • 29. VIRick  |  March 13, 2021 at 5:28 pm

    Pennsylvania: Bill Introduced to Repeal Defunct State Law Banning Same-Sex Marriage

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Philadelphia, has introduced HB 824 to repeal provisions in Title 23 of the state Domestic Relations Law that recognizes marriage only between a man and a woman. The legislation has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

    “Unfortunately, there are still many states, including our own, that retain outdated, unconstitutional, and unnecessary sections of law that prohibit marriage equality,” Kenyatta wrote in his legislative memorandum. “My legislation will up-date our laws by repealing Section 1704 (Marriage Between Persons of the Same Sex) of Title 23 (Domestic Relations) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, which currently only recognizes marriage between a man and woman.”

    Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Pennsylvania since 29 May 2014, when a federal district court judge ruled that the commonwealth’s 1996 statutory ban on recognizing same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The state had prohibited recognition of same-sex marriage by statute since 1996. It had never added such a ban to its state constitution.

    Kenyatta is the first openly gay man of color to serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

  • 30. VIRick  |  March 14, 2021 at 9:12 am

    EoT Was Having Problems Again, Even If Only Temporarily

    Everybody: Be alert and pro-active, as the system has been acting up again. For over an hour, from 11 AM until noon EDT (AST) on 14 March 2021, EoT was again stuck in "phone" mode, so no one could post any new posts nor reply to old ones, while at the same time, "Intense Debate" was running insanely slowly. During that interval, two recent posts, the one about the Chilevision film, and the one summarizing the current legal situation in Uzbekistan, seemed to have gotten "lost," as EoT was claiming that there were only 29 posts to this current thread, when in fact, there were 31.

    Since very early this morning, I also want to "welcome" everyone on EDT who has just joined us on AST, the year-round time-zone of the Eastern Caribbean and Venezuela. At the same moment, the Canadian Maritimes and Bermuda left AST, and switched to ADT.

  • 31. VIRick  |  March 14, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    "Guia Gay Mexico" and It's Guide to Marriage in Mexico

    The website, "Guia Gay Mexico" is in the process of compiling a very detailed, specific state-by-state guide to marriage in Mexico, specifically designed for same-sex couples. For each state's entry, following a very abbreviated history, they show the costs, the waiting time, and the various requisites, including all the precise documentation.

    So far, their marriage guides for these states have been prepared and finalized:
    Aguascalientes dice SÍ al amor

    Baja California dice NO al amor (but Tijuana says YES)

    Baja California Sur dice SÍ al amor

    Campeche dice SÍ al amor

    Chiapas dice SÍ al amor

    Chihuahua dice SÍ al amor

    Coahuila dice SÍ al amor

    Colima dice SÍ al amor

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