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SCOTUS won’t hear school board’s appeal in Gavin Grimm’s case


This morning, the Supreme Court denied review in Gloucester County School Board v. Grimm, Gavin Grimm’s challenge to the school board’s policy banning bathroom use by people who are transgender. The school board lost the case again in the Fourth Circuit, so the denial of review means the case is finally over.


  • 1. VIRick  |  June 28, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    Tamaulipas Congress: Bill Introduced to Legalize Marriage Equality

    Per Paty Pimentel Ramírez, MC:

    Amigos, les comparto que el día de hoy, el 28 de junio 2021, presenté iniciativa para reformar el Código Civil para el Estado de Tamaulipas sobre el matrimonio igualitario.

    Friends, I share with you that today, 28 June 2021, I presented an initiative to reform the Civil Code of the State of Tamaulipas concerning marriage equality.

  • 2. VIRick  |  June 28, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    Sinaloa: Marriage Equality Legal from Tomorrow, 29 June 2021

    Per "Noroeste:"

    Confirma el Gobernador Quirino Ordaz Coppel la publicación en el Periódico Oficial El Estado este martes, el 29 de junio 2021, del decreto 646 que legaliza el matrimonio igualitario y concubinato en Sinaloa. Aclara que no había ninguna obligación legal para haberlo hecho este lunes. (Sin embargo, aún firmó la legislacion hoy, el 28 de junio 2021.)….

    Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel confirms the publication in the Official Newspaper of the State this Tuesday, 29 June 2021, of Decree 646 that legalizes marriage equality and cohabitation in Sinaloa. He clarified that he would not have had any legal obligation in doing it this Monday. (However, he still signed the measure today, 28 June 2021.)

    And here is the official publication of Decree 646, dated 29 June 2021, legalizing marriage equality in Sinaloa:

    La Dirección del Registro Civil de Sinaloa ahora cuenta con plazo de 60 días para adecuaciones por matrimonios igualitarios.

    The Directorate of the Civil Registry of Sinaloa now has a period of 60 days for making adjustments for equal marriages.

    A period of time for "adjustments" notwithstanding, note below that the first legal same-sex marriage in Sinaloa occurred on 3 July in Mazatlán, just 5 days later.

  • 3. VIRick  |  June 28, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    California Bans State-Funded Travel to Five New States over Anti-LGBTQ Laws

    California will ban state-funded travel to five new states over their discriminatory LGBTQ laws, state Attorney-General Rob Bonta announced on Monday, 28 June 2021, citing the importance of "aligning our dollars with our values."

    The new travel restrictions target Arkansas, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia over what the attorney-general's office called dangerous new laws that "directly work to ban transgender youth from playing sports, block access to life-saving care, or otherwise limit the rights of members of the LGBTQ community."

    The additional travel restrictions mean that California has now banned state-funded travel to 17 states under Assembly Bill 1887. That bill "prohibits the state from requiring employees to travel to a state subject to AB 1887's travel prohibition," as well as "prohibits California from approving a request for state-funded or state-sponsored travel to such a state," according to the state attorney-general's office.

  • 4. VIRick  |  June 29, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    CIDH: Honduran State Found Guilty of Executing Transgender Activist

    Per "Reportar Sin Miedo" de Honduras:

    In an unprecedented decision in the history of Honduras, today, 28 June 2021, the Honduran state was found guilty of the extrajudicial execution of transgender activist Vicky Hernández, an act which occurred on the night of 28-29 June 2009. The crime took place in San Pedro Sula during a curfew after the coup that overthrew former President Manuel Zelaya and installed Roberto Micheletti’s de facto government. At that time, only the Honduran state security forces were free to be on the streets, and during which interval, 14 transgender women, 16 gay men, and many more people were murdered, as stated by Indyra Mendoza, co-ordinator for Red Lésbica Cattrachas, the Honduran lesbian organization.

    The ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) against the Honduran state is a milestone in the history of justice in the country and for LGBTIQ populations throughout Latin America. This ruling, unprecedented in Honduran history, came after 12 years of struggle by Hernández’s family, especially her mother, 66-year-old Rosa Hernández, and by a team of professionals led by Red Lésbica Cattrachas, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights group, and other Honduran organizations.

    The ruling against the Honduran state, and in favor of Vicky’s family, is an extraordinary event that will result in more protection for all transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals in Honduras. It is also a precedent for any LGBTIQ person violated in Latin America due to discrimination.

    Per Rosa Hernández: “They have to respect the rights of them for being trans and of them for being lesbians, because they are human. Why discriminate against them? There can not be discrimination."

  • 5. VIRick  |  June 29, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    Chilean Senate Committee Finally Approves Marriage Equality

    Per "Diario Antofagasta" y Agenda Norte:

    Hoy, 29 de junio 2021, tras 4 años de tramitación, matrimonio igualitario fue aprobado por la Comisión de Constitución, Legislación y Justicia del Senado, y despachado para ser votado en Sala. Pasará por la Comisión de Hacienda antes de ir a votación a la Sala del Senado esta o la próxima semana.

    Today, 29 June 2021, after 4 years of process, marriage equality was approved by the Constitution, Legislation, and Justice Committee of the Senate, and dispatched to be voted in the Full Senate. It will pass through the Finance Committee before going to an actual vote in the Full Senate this or next week.

  • 6. VIRick  |  June 29, 2021 at 8:07 pm

    Guanajuato: Lawyer Offers Cost-Free Amparo Assistance

    Per Mariana Koelliker:

    Si no quieren legislar en favor del matrimonio igualitario, pues entonces les vamos a generar más "chamba" tramitando amparos … por una sociedad guanajuatense sin banderas.

    If they do not wish to legislate in favor of marriage equality, then we are going to generate more "busy-work" for them processing amparos … for a Guanajuato society without labels.

    Mariana Koelliker is offering to provide cost-free legal assistance, twice per month, in obtaining amparos allowing same-sex couples to marry in Guanajuato.

    Guanajuato: Celebran Primer Matrimonio Igualitario en San Miguel de Allende, el 30 de Junio 2021

    Guanajuato: First Same-Sex Marriage Celebrated in San Miguel de Allende, 30 June 2021

  • 7. VIRick  |  June 29, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    Spain Approves the Transgender and the LGBTI Equality Law, 29 June 2021

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    España Aprueba Ley Trans y de Igualdad LGTBI, el 29 de Junio 2021

    La (primer) norma permitirá la rectificación de nombre y sexo de las personas trans en el Registro Civil a partir de los 14 años.

    El (segundo) anteproyecto de ley propone la aplicación de multas para quien insulte o cometa actos vejatorios para el colectivo LGBTI, que llegan en casos graves hasta 150 mil euros.

    The (first) measure will allow the rectification of the name and sex of transgender individuals in the Civil Registry for those 14 and older.

    The (second) draft bill proposes the application of fines for those who insult or commit humiliating acts toward the LGBTI community, which in serious cases will reach 150 thousand euros.

  • 8. ianbirmingham  |  June 30, 2021 at 1:10 am

    “Can Boys Wear Skirts to School?” A Viral Post on Chinese Internet Stirs Talk About Gender Roles

    The Chinese internet is divided after a dad shared his young son’s experience while wearing a skirt to school one day.

    On China’s Quora-like social site Zhihu, one user named 仰泳的海星​ (Yangyong de Haixing) published a post on June 23rd titled, “My son’s skirt was pulled up by his classmates!! What should I do?!”

    Since it was posted, it has sparked heated discussion about gender roles, as well as respect and tolerance in schools and society.

    The post received quite a bit of negative feedback in the comment section, which is not uncommon on the Chinese Internet when it comes to LGBTQ+ related news. However, the general sentiment of some of the most popular opinions online has been pretty supportive.

    “Such a brave student and thoughtful parents,” commented the most-liked comment under the original post on Zhihu.

    This comes as gender roles have increasingly been deconstructed in modern China in recent years, as discussions around female empowerment as well as diversity and inclusion within society are on the rise.

  • 9. ianbirmingham  |  June 30, 2021 at 1:21 am

    Li Ying First Chinese Athlete to Come Out as Lesbian

    China’s Pride month is a bit quieter than usual this year, as the country’s largest celebration, Shanghai Pride, has taken an indefinite hiatus since last June.

    However, one of the country’s biggest football stars, Li Ying, who plays forward for China women’s national football team, officially came out as a lesbian in a post on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo a few days ago.

    "You are the source and objective of all of my tenderness. 6.18,” wrote Li on Weibo on June 22. A picture attached to the post showed that it was the one-year anniversary of Li’s relationship with her girlfriend. Li’s girlfriend, whose name is Chen Leilei, is a micro-influencer and has over 360,000 fans on Weibo.

    is the first high-profile sports star in China to come out and the news quickly started gaining traction on social media.

    While some of the commentary included conservative criticism and attacks from online trolls, the general public sentiment has been pretty supportive. “I wish her the best… but I hope it won’t affect her career in any way,” wrote one Weibo influencer.

    Li’s post was deleted not long after it went viral. Some netizens speculated that Li had been put under pressure from authorities following the announcement.

  • 10. VIRick  |  June 30, 2021 at 10:07 am

    US State Department to Allow Gender "X" Marker on US Passports

    Per Lambda Legal:

    In addition to "M" and "F," the US State Department will begin allowing a gender "X" marker on US passports. Additionally, the Passport Office will no longer require medical certification in order to change a gender marker on US passports.

    The decisions announced today, 30 June 2021, come more than one year after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the State Department to reconsider its prior decisions denying Dana Zzyym an accurate passport. In that ruling, the court noted that forcing intersex individuals to pick a male or female gender marker on the passport application “injects inaccuracy into the data.” From the ruling, written memorably:

    “A chef might label a jar of salt a jar of sugar, but the label does not make the salt any sweeter. Nor does requiring intersex people to mark 'male' or 'female' on an application make the passport any more accurate.”

  • 11. VIRick  |  June 30, 2021 at 11:03 am

    Baja California Sur Bans Anti-LGBT "Conversion Therapy," Passes Gender Identity Law

    Per LGBT Marriage News and "Homosensual:"

    On 28 June 2021, the Baja California Sur Congress passed two laws, one to ban anti-LGBT "conversion therapy" and a second to allow transgender individuals to up-date their name/gender marker on official documents. Both measures, presented by Mercedes Maciel Ortiz (PT), received unanimous votes of approval.

    Baja California Sur now joins CDMX and Edomex as one of three jurisdictions in Mexico banning "conversion therapy" (Ecosig). Those found guilty of the sanctioned practice will face jail sentences of 2-6 years and heavy fines.

    As for the gender identity law, Baja California Sur becomes jurisdiction #15, joining CDMX, Coahuila, Colima, Chihuahua, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí, Sonora, Tlaxcala, and Puebla (for this latter, after 8 years of process and delay, la Ley Agnes was finally implemented one week ago, on 23 June 2021). Full details for each state can be found here:

    In addition, Baja California allows gender change/gender identity by statewide directive, one which is being followed in both Ensenada and Tijuana.

    This Wikipedia chart needs up-dating to reflect the fact that both Puebla (2021) and Baja California Sur (2021) have passed gender identity laws:

  • 12. ianbirmingham  |  June 30, 2021 at 3:26 pm

    NFL declares that 'football is gay' in video released on Pride Day; Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib became the NFL's first openly gay player when he came out this month

    The video released on Monday shows simple white text against a black background, as snare drums play in the background and people are heard cheering as the text declares 'Football is gay.'

    'Football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer. Football is life. Football is exciting. Football is culture. Football is transgender. Football is heart. Football is power. Football is tough,' the video continues.

    'Football is bisexual. Football is strong. Football is freedom. Football is American. Football is accepting. Football is everything. Football is for everyone,' the proclamation adds.

    The video then shows the NFL logo and promotes the Trevor Project, a charity that focuses on preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth, which Nassib had supported with a donation in his coming out video.

    'LGBTQ+ youth with at least one accepting adult have 40% lower risk of attempting suicide,' the message reads.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell voiced his appreciation for Nassib's decision to come out. 'The NFL family is proud of Carl for courageously sharing his truth today,' read a statement from Goodell. 'Representation matters. We share his hope that someday soon [statements] like his will no longer be newsworthy as we march toward full equality for the LGBTQ+ community.'

  • 13. VIRick  |  June 30, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Veracruz: First Same-Sex Marriage Celebrated in Coatzintla

    Veracruz: Celebran Primer Matrimonio Igualitario en Coatzintla

    On 30 June 2021, Cinthia Gómez and Viridiana Jiménez became the first lesbian couple to unite in marriage in Coatzintla, being the first marriage of a same-sex couple before the head civil registrar, Carlos Reyes. It took place before friends and family in the central kiosk in the park in front of the municipal palace, and was gained through a federal amparo.

  • 14. VIRick  |  June 30, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Florida: HRC Files Suit Challenging Transgender Sports Ban

    Today, 30 June 2021, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, joined by the law firm of Arnold & Porter, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the District Court for the Southern District of Florida challenging a Florida law banning transgender girls from participating in sports, and did so on behalf of their client, a 13-year-old Broward County transgender girl named Daisy. The so-called “Fairness in Women Sports Act” is one of eight state laws passed this year that restrict transgender girls from participating on girls’ athletic teams.

    Amid the unprecedented attack on transgender youth, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation announced that, in addition to its Florida lawsuit, it will bring a series of legal challenges against anti-equality laws in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

  • 15. VIRick  |  July 1, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Minnesota: Trans Student Reaches a $218,500 Settlement in School Discrimination Case

    On 1 July 2021, Minnesota transgender student Matt Woods reached a settlement in his lawsuit against his former school district, which he said discriminated against him when it barred him from using the boys’ bathroom. The Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District will not only be required to pay $218,500, but will also change its policies to be more trans-inclusive, including allowing transgender students to use the correct bathroom and play sports on the team that aligns with their gender, according to a press release from non-profit legal advocacy organization Gender Justice.

    Woods will start his senior year of high school in the fall, but no longer attends a school in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose district, which began prohibiting his use of the boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms when he was in 6th grade. The "Star Tribune" explained that the school forced him to use a single-stall bathroom, which no other student had to use.

    In 2015, Woods was hospitalized for mental health treatment due to the stress of being targeted for discrimination. Nevertheless, the school continued to deny him the right to the boys’ facilities, even when the state’s Department of Education intervened and said Woods should be given access. The lawsuit, brought by Gender Justice, alleged that the school district was in violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act, and by creating an unsafe learning environment, also violated Woods’ right to education.

    In its press release, Gender Justice emphasized that respecting transgender identities is the law. “Today’s settlement announcement puts Minnesota schools on notice: It is illegal – and expensive – to discriminate against transgender students in our state.”

  • 16. ianbirmingham  |  July 2, 2021 at 8:31 am

    Supreme Court declines to decide whether religious flower shop owner can deny same-sex weddings

    The Supreme Court said Friday that it will not hear a case brought by a Christian florist who is arguing that a Washington state anti-discrimination law that requires her to provide custom flower arrangements for same-sex wedding ceremonies is unconstitutional.

    The court’s decision left intact the state court rulings against the florist.

    The flower shop case, known as Arlene’s Flowers, involves the same lawyers and many of the same issues as the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

    The opinion in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case was authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who had also advocated for LGBT rights from the bench. Kennedy has since retired and been replaced by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose views on LGBT rights are unknown.

  • 17. VIRick  |  July 2, 2021 at 9:21 am

    US Supreme Court Denies Certiorari to "Arlene's Flowers"

    Per Mark Joseph Stern:

    On 2 July 2021, by a 6–3 vote, the Supreme Court refused to re-hear "Arlene's Flowers" (case 19-333), which involves a florist, Barronelle Stutzman, who refused to serve same-sex couples. Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch dissented.

    This 8-year-old, ADF-sponsored case now appears to be at an end, despite all the melodrama and grifting it once generated. A summary review of all its many twists and turns, minus the ranting "christian" hyperbole, can be found here:

    Cottonelle must now pay the $1000.00 fine, court-ordered since 2017, for having violated the Washington State Law Against Discrimination, a state law that prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ people in public accommodations.

  • 18. bayareajohn  |  July 2, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Cottonelle? Barronelle. Unless this was a veiled tissue joke…

  • 19. VIRick  |  July 2, 2021 at 9:53 am

    New York: American LGBTQ Museum Moves Toward Reality

    The New York Historical Society, a museum and library dedicated to telling the stories of America's largest city, announced a major expansion, one which will include an entire floor dedicated to the forthcoming American LGBTQ Museum.

    The addition to the Historical Society's building on Manhattan's Upper West Side will add 70,000 square feet of additional classrooms, galleries, collection study areas, and a “state-of-the-art compact storage facility.” Once complete, the Historical Society's fourth floor will become the American LGBTQ Museum, a project which has been in the works for at least four years.

  • 20. VIRick  |  July 2, 2021 at 10:09 am

    France: Women Who Are Coupled Now Have Access to IVF

    After two years of debate, on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, France’s lower legislative house passed a law to allow single women and women who are coupled with other women to receive fertility treatments. Until now, only heterosexual couples were allowed.

    President Emmanuel Macron’s government pushed through the bill after years of opposition protests and more than 500 hours of debate. In January 2020, the bill passed the Senate, 160-116. Now, in the National Assembly, the vote was 326-115 in favor.

    Fertility treatment is free in France, so the law would allow lesbian couples and single women free access as well. French women have previously gone to Spain or Belgium to receive fertility treatment.

  • 21. VIRick  |  July 2, 2021 at 10:48 pm

    Brasil: Governor of Rio Grande do Sul State Comes Out as Gay

    The current President of Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, under severe duress for his atrocious mis-handling of the Covid-19 pandemic response, is notorious for both his ignorance and his ugly, homophobic comments, but who will undoubtedly seek re-election in 2022, background that leads to:

    "In this Brasil of little integrity, at this time, we have to debate who we are, so that everything is clear and there is nothing to hide," Eduardo Leite, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul state, told "O Globo" broadcaster in an interview just broadcast on Friday, 2 July 2021.

    "I am gay, I am a gay governor," the 36-year-old said, adding: "And I am proud of it."

    Leite chose Pride Week in Brasil to address gossip swirling around him ever since he became a potential presidential candidate for the PSDB (Social Democratic Party) for the up-coming elections scheduled for October 2022.

    "Now with my participation in national politics, in this national debate, there have been ever-growing attacks by my rivals," he said. "I go out to dinner with my boyfriend, I do not hide from anyone. But there has always been some brouhaha, some allusion, a joke from the president, attacks from other politicians. This is not right, it is not correct, it is not tolerable," he said. According to "O Globo," this is the first time a presidential candidate has come out in Brasil.

    Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state in Brasil, abutting both Uruguay and Argentina, with a large Italian ethnic presence along the coast, and a predominately Portunol-speaking population in the gaucho interior.

  • 22. VIRick  |  July 4, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    República Dominicana: Mass LGBT Protest against Congress Continues

    Per Juanjo Cid del "Editor Cuir:"

    Mañana (el 5 de julio 2021), seguimos gritandole al Congreso como hemos sido discriminados para que dejen de decir que aquí no se discrimina.

    Tomorrow (5 July 2021), we will continue shouting it at Congress how we have been discriminated against so that they stop saying that there is no discrimination here.

  • 23. VIRick  |  July 4, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    Chile: Constituent Assembly Convenes to Begin Writing New Constitution, 4 July 2021

    Per Tomás Laibe de Puerto Aysén, Patagonia:

    Terminamos esta hermosa jornada con la esperanza intacta del nuevo Chile que construiremos.

    We finish this beautiful day with hope intact for the new Chile that we will be building.

    Tomás Laibe, Partido Socialista, is one of eight LGBT activists elected to the 155-member Constituent Assembly.

  • 24. VIRick  |  July 4, 2021 at 9:38 pm

    Sinaloa Celebrates Its First Same-Sex Marriage

    El 3 de julio 2021, Zulema y Perla Sughey estan la primer pareja que en matrimonio igualitario se une en Mazatlán. La ceremonia estuvo a cargo de la Oficial del Registro Civil número 9, Patricia García Granados, que llevó a cabo la unión civil en forma legal en un conocido salón de eventos del puerto, ante la presencia de familiares y amigos de las contrayentes.

    On 3 July 2021, Zulema and Perla Sughey were the first couple to be united in an equal marriage in Mazatlán. The ceremony was presided over by the Civil Registry Official number 9, Patricia García Granados, who carried out the civil union in a legal manner in a well-known event hall in the port, before relatives and friends of the contracting parties.

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