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6/22 open thread


This is an open thread. We’ll post any breaking news.

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  • 1. guitaristbl  |  June 24, 2022 at 7:49 am

    A very sad day for the US. Let's hope Obergefell or even Lawrence are not next.

  • 2. ianbirmingham  |  June 24, 2022 at 12:36 pm

    Justice Thomas writes: in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

  • 3. guitaristbl  |  June 24, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    I am well aware he did although Alito tried to dissasociate them in his majority opinion. Not that he is to be trusted. Dark times are ahead for everyone in the US.

  • 4. ianbirmingham  |  June 24, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Tweeted by Scott Feinberg, a columnist for the Hollywood Reporter:

    'RBG was a hero for many reasons. But the terrible irony is that her decision to stay too long at the party helped lead to the destruction of one of the things she cared about the most. Sadly, this will be a big part of her legacy'

    He argues that RBG should have retired prior to the Trump administration so that a liberal Justice could have been confirmed as her replacement (thus preventing Amy Coney Barrett from voting today to overturn Roe v. Wade).

  • 5. LK2013  |  June 29, 2022 at 10:23 am

    This. Is. Not. RBG's. Fault.

    This viewpoint is squarely in the realm of fantasy at this point. I guarantee you that if RBG had retired, McConnell would never have allowed her to be replaced before the 2016 election. Never would have happened. Even if she retired mid-term. He would have stolen TWO seats on SCOTUS. They wanted this that much.

    And the vote was 6-3 people!!! One seat would not have done it.

    Thomas and Alito, who have been stewing for decades, are hell bent on installing a horror show on the USA. They will do so much more damage before they are done.

    I like how Howard Stern phrased it when he said Thomas was just "waiting for other kooks to join the Supreme Court." These people are nuts.

    G-d help us. When you think about it though, SCOTUS has never reliably been our friend.

    Congress should have codified Roe vs Wade, among other things, when Obama first came into office and he had a Congress that could accomplish things.

  • 6. VIRick  |  June 24, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    The Aftermath of the Overturning of "Row v. Wade"

    From 24 June 2022, following the Supreme Court's insane decision overturning "Roe v. Wade," abortion policy is now set at the state level. Of the 16 most vulnerable states, abortion is now illegal in 5, soon-to-be-illegal in an additional 8, and potentially illegal in 3 more. By contrast, it will remain legal in 28 states and is legal-for-now in 6 others. Here is a chart explaining exactly what all that means, state by state:

    1. Louisiana (now illegal)
    2. Texas
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Kentucky
    5. South Dakota

    6. Missouri (soon-to-be-illegal)
    7. Arkansas
    8. North Dakota
    9. Idaho
    10. Wyoming
    11. Tennessee
    12. Mississippi
    13. Utah

    14. Alabama (potentially illegal)
    15. West Virginia
    16. Wisconsin

    17. Arizona (legal-for-now)
    18. Ohio
    19. Georgia
    20. Michigan
    21. South Carolina
    22. North Carolina

    Note: This list does not cite Florida (but see below)

  • 7. VIRick  |  June 25, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    The Aftermath of "Roe v. Wade" Being Overturned

    According to the "Advocate," abortion rights are in grave danger in as many as 21 states. In fact, the first 7 states in this list already have laws in place banning abortion (except to save the life of the mother). The next 5 states will have bans in place within 30 days. However, after that, matters become much murkier, as the next 3 states have bans on the books, but without implementation clauses, while another 6 have current court challenges preventing implementation:

    1. Missouri
    2. Louisiana
    3. Arkansas
    4. Texas
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Kentucky
    7. South Dakota

    8. North Dakota (in 30 days)
    9. Idaho (in 30 days)
    10. Wyoming (in 5 days, after certification by governor)
    11. Tennessee (after 6 weeks' gestation) (in 30 Days)
    12. Mississippi (after 15 weeks' gestation) (in 10 days)

    13. Alabama (unclear when it will be implemented)
    14. West Virginia (unclear when it will be implemented)
    15. Utah (unclear when it will be implemented, so legal-for-now)

    16. Arizona (after 15 weeks' gestation, from sometime this fall)
    17. Florida (after 15 weeks' gestation, from 1 July, but already in court challenge)
    18. Ohio (after 6 weeks' gestation; stayed in court)
    19. Georgia (after 6 weeks' gestation; stayed in court)
    20. Michigan (ancient ban from 1931 being blocked)
    21. Wisconsin (ancient ban from 1849 being blocked)

  • 8. ianbirmingham  |  June 24, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    'Centrist' Senators Bamboozled By Trump's SCOTUS Appointees

    U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Susan Collins slammed Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch for their votes in overturning Roe V. Wade on Friday.

    The senators had voted to confirm the Donald Trump-appointed justices despite fears that they would overturn the landmark abortion ruling, with the senators saying at the time that they trusted Kavanaugh and Gorsuch to uphold the law.

    'Roe v. Wade, decided in 1973, is a precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court,' Gorsuch told senators in 2017. 'It has been reaffirmed.

    'So a good judge will consider it as precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court worthy as treatment of precedent like any other.'

    Kavanaugh failed to publicly answer if he beleived Roe v. Wade was 'correct law,' but doubled down that it was not only settled, but reinforced by the court's 1992 Casey V. Planned Parenthood, which upheld the federal right to an abortion.

    'So Casey now becomes a precedent on precedent,' Kavanaugh said in 2018. 'It is not as if it is just a run-of-the-mill case that was decided and never been reconsidered, but Casey specifically reconsidered it, applied the stare decisis factors, and decided to reaffirm it.'

    Collins said Kavanaugh echoed his statements to her in a one-on-one interview in 2018.

    'We talked about whether he considered Roe to be settled law,' Collins said back then. 'He said he agreed with what Justice [John] Roberts said in his nomination hearing, in which he said that it was settled law.

    'We had a very good, thorough discussion about that issue and many others.'

    Last month, both Collins and Manchin voted to reject legislation that would have codified Roe V. Wade protections.

  • 9. VIRick  |  June 24, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    Mexico City Hosts Massive Equal Marriage Ceremony, 24 June 2022

    Per "SPR Informa:"

    El matrimonio igualitario es una realidad en la Ciudad de México. Año con año, el Gobierno de CDMX organiza el programa Cásate Con Orgullo, donde decenas de parejas igualitarias tienen acceso a una ceremonia civil masiva para unir sus vidas ante la ley.

    Marriage equality is a reality in Mexico City. Year after year, the CDMX Government organizes the program, Marry With Pride, where dozens of egalitarian couples have access to a massive civil ceremony so as to unite their lives before the law.

    Per "Punto MX:"

    El Gobierno de la Ciudad de México, a través de la Dirección General del Registro Civil (DGRC), llevó a cabo el matrimonio de 121 parejas durante la Jornada de Matrimonio Igualitario 2022, "Cásate Con Orgullo."

    The Government of Mexico City, through the Director-General of the Civil Registry (DGRC), carried out the marriages of 121 couples during Marriage Equality Day 2022, "Marry With Pride."

  • 10. ianbirmingham  |  June 24, 2022 at 11:16 pm

    [Justice Thomas (a black man who is married to a white woman) writes: "in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell."]

    Jim Obergefell: "For Justice Thomas to completely omit Loving v. Virginia, in my mind, is quite telling."

  • 11. ianbirmingham  |  June 25, 2022 at 1:12 pm

    The Lonely Chief: How John Roberts Lost Control Of The Court

    “No one can deny that from 2018 until when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died this was the Roberts court in every way that mattered,” Vladeck said. “The consequences of that no longer being true are incalculable but run the gamut from what the court is doing to how justices are behaving to how the institution functions. … When the median vote on the court became Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, it’s a very different court than any of us have seen in our lifetimes.”

    “This is the moment conservatives have been waiting for,” Wermiel said. “I think they’ll figure out how to continue to work together. … The conservative majority has a lot of work to do next term.”

  • 12. ianbirmingham  |  June 25, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Former President Donald Trump on Friday credited divine intervention for the Supreme Court’s decision overturning decades of precedent protecting Americans’ right to abortion access.

    “God made the decision,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

    It was Trump’s three appointees to the court — Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — who formed the backbone of the 5-4 majority that threw out past decisions upholding abortion rights. Kavanaugh and Barrett each replaced former justices — Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, respectively — who had backed abortion rights.

    This decision and others from the court that have been hailed by conservatives “were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating and getting three highly respected and strong Constitutionalists confirmed to the United States Supreme Court,” Trump said in a statement issued Friday.

    “It was my great honor to do so!” he added.

    No comment yet from the "Gays For Trump"

    "Log Cabin Republicans" say they are OK with this ruling:

  • 13. ianbirmingham  |  June 25, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Ukraine’s LGBTQ Pride parade celebrated in Warsaw, Poland

    KyivPride was celebrated along with Warsaw’s Equality Parade on the streets of the Polish capital, with 300 participants making the trip from Ukraine to remind the international community of the ongoing Russian invasion of their country. KyivPride trucks led the parade as blue and yellow Ukrainian flags mingled with rainbow flags and marchers shouted “Slava Ukraini” — glory to Ukraine.

  • 14. ianbirmingham  |  June 25, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    Joe Biden moves to expand Title IX protections to LGBTQ students

    For the first time, the rules would formally protect LGBTQ students under Title IX. Nothing in the 1972 law explicitly addresses the topic, but the new proposal would clarify that the law applies to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

    It would make clear that “preventing someone from participating in school programs and activities consistent with their gender identity would cause harm in violation of Title IX,” according to the department. More specific rules dealing with the rights of transgender students in school sports will be released later, the department said.

    Biden marked the anniversary of Title IX by acknowledging the impact the law has had in advancing equity but acknowledging there was more to do.

    “As we look to the next 50 years, I am committed to protecting this progress and working to achieve full equality, inclusion, and dignity for women and girls, LGBTQI+ Americans, all students, and all Americans,” he said in a statement.

  • 15. VIRick  |  June 26, 2022 at 12:52 pm

    US Virgin Islands: By Law, Abortions Are and Remain Legal

    A US Supreme Court ruling that places abortion access in the hands of state governments is a step backward for women’s rights, local VI officials said in statements issued on Friday, 24 June 2022, that also affirmed the territory’s pro-choice laws.

    “While many states will face protracted political battles as a result of this ruling, the Virgin Islands already has laws in place,” Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory said in a statement. She added that according to the VI Code, abortions are legal in the territory.

    “This law was enacted by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands in 1973. It is important for the public to understand that abortions in the Virgin Islands are and remain legal. Women in the US Virgin Islands can be assured that they will continue to have the right to choose,” she added.

  • 16. ianbirmingham  |  June 26, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    Turkish police break up Istanbul Pride march, detaining dozens

    Turkish police on Sunday broke up a banned Pride march in Istanbul, detaining more than 200 demonstrators, organisers said.

    Police detained protesters, loading them on to buses. AFP journalists saw four busloads of detained people.

    Organisers tweeted that more than 200 Pride participants and LGBTQ activists had been detained and that police had refused detainees access to their lawyers.

    AFP [French Press Agency]'s chief photographer Bulent Kilic, who was taken away handcuffed from the back, was released later on Sunday after presenting a statement to the police, his lawyer said.

    Hundreds of protesters carrying rainbow flags had pressed ahead with the rally in defiance of police.

    "The future is queer," they chanted. "We are here. We are queer. We are not going anywhere."

    Kaos GL Association, which campaigns to promote the human rights of LGBTQ people against discrimination, said on Twitter that police had detained 12 other people in the western city of Izmir and that one of them was later released.

    Police prevented the press from filming the Istanbul arrests, according to AFP journalists.

    Although homosexuality has been legal throughout the period of the modern Turkish republic, LGBTQ individuals say there is regular harassment and abuse.

    Istanbul Pride had taken place every year since 2003.

    The last march to go ahead without a ban was in 2014 and drew tens of thousands of participants in one of the biggest LGBTQ events in the majority Muslim region.

    After 2014, the march was banned each year, officially for security reasons.

    In 2020, streaming giant Netflix cancelled the production of a series in Turkey featuring a gay character after failing to obtain government permission for filming.

    The same year, French sports brand Decathlon faced boycott calls in Turkey for posting messages of support for LGBTQ people.

  • 17. VIRick  |  June 26, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    Puerto Rico: By Law, Abortions Are and Remain Legal

    This well-written, detailed article, up-dated as of 24 June 2022, also portrays a darker, more sinister threat to abortion rights, one looming in the background, but one that threatens to up-end Puerto Rico's long-standing lead as one of the most liberal locations for abortion services anywhere in Latin America. Still, for now, on the more positive side, here is the gist of the present situation:

    Currently, Puerto Rico has one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world. On the archipelago, pregnant individuals can terminate a pregnancy without restrictions during any stage in their pregnancy.

    Puerto Rico has its own Supreme Court rulings affirming the right to abortion. That will make it more difficult for anti-choice legislators to outlaw abortion here. And most recently, in 2020, abortion was protected in Puerto Rico’s Civil Code.

    All 4 of Puerto Rico’s abortion clinics are located in the San Juan metro area, meaning that people on the west coast, central mountainous area, or on Puerto Rican islands outside the main island have to travel far distances, sometimes by unreliable ferries, for proper care.

    For activists and providers, legislation widening abortion access is pivotal — both for Puerto Ricans (about 40% of whom live under the poverty line), and the scores of people from neighboring Caribbean and South American countries where abortion is outlawed or limited. In reproductive justice spaces throughout Puerto Rico, abortion rights and access are never discussed as a solely, or even primarily, Puerto Rican issue. The fight for free, accessible, and safe abortion is also for the people of the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands and other British Caribbean islands, Venezuela, and, increasingly, the contiguous USA.

  • 18. Elihu_Bystander  |  June 27, 2022 at 7:08 am

    Fantastic essay on originalism.

  • 19. VIRick  |  June 27, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Guanajuato: Equal Marriages Increase Exponentially

    Per "Noticias Radio Irapuato:"

    Guanajuato: Incrementan Matrimonios Igualitarios de Forma Exponencial

    De acuerdo con datos proporcionados por la Dirección General del Registro Civil, el 2021 cerró con 21 matrimonios igualitarios, de los cuales ocho fueron celebrados en diciembre. De hecho, el Registro Civil solo celebró 109 matrimonios igualitarios, (con amparo, de los 4 años) del 2018 al 2021.

    Este año, (en 5 meses,) con corte al 31 de mayo, se han celebrado 126 uniones entre personas del mismo sexo, de los cuales más de una tercera parte, 45, se concentraron en León. El segundo municipio con más registros fue Irapuato, con 19, seguido por Celaya, con 12. En total, este tipo de uniones se han celebrado en 22 de los 46 municipios del estado.

    According to data provided by the Director-General of the Civil Registry, 2021 closed with 21 equal marriages, of which eight were celebrated in December. In fact, the Civil Registry only celebrated 109 equal marriages, (with amparo, in the 4 years) from 2018 to 2021.

    This year, (in 5 months,) as of 31 May, there have been 126 unions between same-sex couples, of which more than a third, 45, were concentrated in León. The municipality with the second-most registrations was Irapuato, with 19, followed by Celaya, with 12. In total, this type of union has been celebrated in 22 of the 46 municipalities in the state.

  • 20. VIRick  |  June 27, 2022 at 11:32 am

    Durango: Resorting to the Amparo for Marriage Equality

    Per "El Siglo de Torreón:"

    Durango: Recurren al Amparo por Matrimonio Igualitario

    En el último año, (se han logrado) 42 amparos contra el Registro Civil, el Congreso del Estado, y el Poder Ejecutivo. Gracias a este recurso en el estado, cerca de 42 parejas han logrado formalizar su relación al obtener su acta de matrimonio, y con ello, los derechos y obligaciones que conlleva.

    ("Lo llevamos) el trámite a través de un equipo jurídico encabezado por el Lic. Alejando Aranda, quien es el que nos ha estado ayudando con los amparos el último año."

    In the past year, 42 amparos (have been achieved) against the Civil Registry, the State Congress, and the State Executive. Thanks to this resource in the state, about 42 couples have gained formalization of their relationship by obtaining their marriage certificate, and with it, the rights and obligations that it conveys.

    ("We carry) the process through a legal team headed by Lic. Alejando Aranda, who is the one who has been helping us with the amparos for the past year."

    Torreón, Coahuila, faces Gómez Palacio, Durango, across the Río Nazas and the state line, and at 1.5 million people, is the most populous metro area in both states. Coahuila was one of the very first states in Mexico with marriage equality. Durango is determined to be one of the very last. Thus, for the past 8 years, in addition to the 42 couples already mentioned above (who are primarily resident in the state capital, Victoria de Durango,) hundreds of other same-sex couples, from both sides of the river, have married in Torreón without requiring an amparo.

  • 21. ianbirmingham  |  June 27, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    GOP privately worrying overturning Roe v. Wade could impact midterms: 'This is a losing issue for Republicans,' report says

    "This is not a conversation we want to have," Republican strategist John Thomas told Politico. "We want to have a conversation about the economy. We want to have a conversation about Joe Biden, about pretty much anything else besides Roe. This is a losing issue for Republicans."

  • 22. ianbirmingham  |  June 27, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    Turkish opposition party CHP: We support LGBT rights, and we will not hesitate to say it openly

    CHP Deputy Chairman Gokce Gokcen sees opposing LGBT as aggression. Gokcen said, "We will not be afraid of a group of hateful aggressors and will not hesitate to tell the truth. Happy Pride Week!"

    "LGBTIs, who are discriminated against due to their sexual orientation and gender identities in the world and in Turkey, and cannot access basic human rights and public services, are also faced with increasing cases of physical violence in our country."

    "In Turkey, the government actively participates in these hate speeches instead of standing by LGBTIs, who are already discriminated against and fighting hate crimes."

    "It is the basic obligation of the state to protect the right to health and education, the right to work, the freedom of expression and association, and the right to protest of all our citizens."

    "On the other hand, the Pride Parade and all activities of LGBTI people who want to express their problems and demands, and who want to protect the struggle for equality and dignity, that is, human rights, are systematically prohibited."

    "I condemn this hateful political choice in which those who threaten Pride Parade events are protected, and those who exercise their rights face detention, assault and threats."

    "Pride marches should not be interfered with, on the contrary, the demands of our citizens should be listened to by all politicians, regardless of their party. I would like to express once again: LGBTI+ rights are human rights."… (Turkish-language story)

  • 23. VIRick  |  June 27, 2022 at 6:31 pm

    Barbados: Time for a Court Challenge to the Marriage Act

    Per LGBT Marriage News and "Barbados Today," dated 9 March 2022:

    Attorney-at-law Lalu Hanuman believes the time has come to test Barbados’ Marriage Act to see if same-sex unions would be allowed under the existing law. He contends that even if it is resisted in the local Barbados courts, a recent ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) suggests it could succeed there.

    He made reference to a CCJ ruling of February 2022 that overturned a local Barbados court’s contention that the crime of rape did not extend to non-consensual anal intercourse between men. To the contrary, the CCJ ruled that the Sexual Offences Act is gender-neutral, and thus, is not discriminatory (and thereby, applies to the case at hand). Hanuman said a similar case could be made for same-sex marriage since the relevant law is also gender-neutral.

    “Most of the Marriage Act is also gender-neutral, except for that one section, Section 3, which speaks about void and prohibited marriages in terms of categories. There is no other reference in that Act saying that only a man and a woman can marry,” the attorney said. “It does not say in the prohibited or void sections that a man can not marry a man or that a woman can not marry a woman."

    "I think it ought to be considered a test case whereby an LGBTQ person approaches the magistrate to have their banns published … and tries to marry someone of their same gender. I am confident that it will be refused at the Magistrate’s Court level, but then that decision should be challenged all the way up to the Caribbean Court of Justice. I think it could well succeed.”

  • 24. ianbirmingham  |  June 28, 2022 at 3:14 am

    The Supreme Court just threw the idea of settled law out the window

    Last week, Trump's three nominees, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, provided the necessary votes to overturn Roe in a 5-4 decision. In doing so, they have forever changed the calculations a judge will consider when contemplating whether to overturn precedent.

  • 25. VIRick  |  June 28, 2022 at 10:06 am

    And by throwing settled law out the window, and stripping away long-standing constitutionally guaranteed rights without offering any rationale or logical reasoning, this same US Supreme Court has also declared itself to be illegitimate, in violation of all previously-held precepts and norms.

    The 5-member majority need to be immediately removed from the bench through impeachment, because, if they are allowed to remain, their continuing presence will then generate the perverse precedent that any 5 individuals who happen to be sitting on the court at any given moment can simply invent whatever rules they want to invent, based on whim and/or their own personal belief.

  • 26. Elihu_Bystander  |  June 29, 2022 at 2:10 am

    Rick, you are absolutely correct, but we all know that isn't going to happen. Accepting that given, what do you think is the best alternative action? Some are saying expand the court; however, there is not much enthusiasm for doing that. Nancy Pelosi has said she is opposed.

  • 27. ianbirmingham  |  June 29, 2022 at 2:10 pm

    The best alternative action is to ensure that the Democratic Party has an iron grip on the White House and the Senate at all times. That would permanantly prevent Scalias, Alitos, Rehnquists, and others of that despicable ilk.

    Even better would be a permanent 60% Democratic Party majority in the Senate. That would enable the confirmation of many great Thurgood Marshalls.

  • 28. scream4ever  |  June 29, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    The Senate fillibuster no longer applies to judicial appointments so we don't need 60 votes anymore.

  • 29. ianbirmingham  |  June 30, 2022 at 3:10 am

    On April 6, 2017, Senate Republicans eliminated the sole remaining exception to the 2013 change by invoking the "nuclear option" for Supreme Court nominees. This was done in order to allow a simple majority to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The vote to change the rules was 52 to 48 along party lines. 61 Senators from both parties wrote a letter to Senate leadership, urging them to preserve the filibuster for legislation.

    Still, Democratic Party control of both the White House and the Senate remains essential.

    I wonder how many people here have personally walked precincts for important candidates, or at least donated to important campaigns…

  • 30. VIRick  |  June 29, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Expanding the court would require enabling legislation and a long, drawn-out process to accomplish such, a process, too, without any guarantees of success. Undoubtedly, it would also prove to be far too slow and way too messy, especially considering that no concrete steps have even begun.

    Since these court appointments are lifetime appointments, the only other alternate remedy is removal. That can be accomplished through impeachment, resignation/retirement, or death.

    Thomas is the most vulnerable on all three counts, given his age, his conflicts of interest, his veiled threats of future court actions, and his multiple ethics violations, especially in combination with his wife's activism and questionable behavior. Alito, as the "mastermind" who wrote the decision overturning "Roe," and thus threw out the concept of the rule of law just because he could, should be impeached for displaying unbridled arrogance, arrogance only topped by Thomas' threats of future court actions. On the other hand, the three newcomers could also be impeached for lying to Congress during their confirmation hearings.

    A sudden retirement or death by Alito and/or Thomas would also be quite welcome, especially if accomplished "a la Scalia." A hopeful sign in this direction is the fact that Thomas had a recent, unexplained absence from the court due to some undefined "illness."

  • 31. VIRick  |  June 28, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Mexico, Abortion Law, and Women from the USA Seeking an Abortion

    Per Thomson Reuters Foundation News:

    In 2021, Mexico made history when its Supreme Court decriminalized abortion. That same week, Texas banned the practice from about six weeks of pregnancy. As "Roe v. Wade" falls, more American women seeking abortions are turning to Mexico for help. What are their options?

    Across Mexico, there are still strict restrictions on abortion, including in Guanajuato, Tabasco, and Campeche. But people cannot be prosecuted for ending a pregnancy. The abortion pill misoprostol can be bought from pharmacists in Mexico without a prescription for 600 pesos ($30 US).

    Medical abortion usually involves the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol. Mexico’s advocates follow WHO recommendations on how individuals up to 12 weeks pregnant can self-manage an abortion with both medications. Some across the border in Texas have already found it easier to take a 2-hour-long bus trip to Mexico in order to go through the medical procedure in a safe-zone in Monterrey.

    Many more informative details, including a number of active networks and contacts in Tijuana, Guanajuato, and Monterrey, can be found here:

  • 32. ianbirmingham  |  June 28, 2022 at 10:58 am

    Polish court rules that four "LGBT-free zones" must be abolished

    A top Polish appeals court ruled on Tuesday that so-called "LGBT-free zones" must be scrapped in four municipalities, a verdict welcomed by activists as a victory for human rights and democracy.

    Numerous local authorities in Poland passed resolutions in 2019 declaring themselves free of "LGBT ideology", part of a conflict in the predominantly Catholic country between liberals and religious conservatives, who see the struggle for gay rights as a threat to traditional values.

    After a legal challenge from Poland's Human Rights Ombudsman, lower courts ruled that nine such resolutions must be scrapped.

    The public prosecutor's office, the ultra-conservative think-tank Ordo Iuris and the municipalities involved then appealed against these verdicts. In the first four cases, the appeals were dismissed on Tuesday.

    "Today's decision… is a great victory for democracy, human rights and respect for people," Poland's Campaign Against Homophobia wrote in a social media post.

  • 33. ianbirmingham  |  June 28, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Jim Obergefell urges Democrats to fight harder after Roe

    Q: You’re running for the Ohio House of Representatives in a district that is held by a Republican. How do you think this ruling will mobilize voters?

    A: My hope is that it does mobilize people because I look at this decision as the proof of what we have tried to get across to people back in the 2016 presidential elections. I talked about this. Lots of other people talked about this, about the importance of voting and voting for the candidate that most closely matches your values, to make sure that the Supreme Court would be composed of justices who actually reflect our nation the way we look and the values we hold.

    Polls show that a majority of Americans support marriage equality. Polls show that a majority of Americans support a woman’s right to an abortion. But we have an extreme right-wing court because people didn’t vote and that allowed an extreme minority to take the White House and to create the Supreme Court that doesn’t reflect us. So my hope is that it is a wake-up moment for a lot of people to realize, “I have got to be involved. I’ve got to be aware of what’s happening and I’ve got to vote in every single election.”

  • 34. ianbirmingham  |  June 28, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    Democrats unveiling ‘Transgender Bill of Rights’

    The proposal would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to explicitly include protections for gender identity and sex characteristics, expand access to gender-affirming care and ban conversion therapy.

    It would also require the attorney general to designate a liaison dedicated to overseeing enforcement of civil rights for transgender people and invest in community services to prevent anti-transgender violence.

  • 35. ianbirmingham  |  June 29, 2022 at 11:34 am

    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire Thursday 6/30/22, to be replaced by Ketanji Brown Jackson

  • 36. ianbirmingham  |  June 29, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend state's law making sodomy illegal if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence v. Texas

  • 37. Elihu_Bystander  |  June 30, 2022 at 3:33 am

    Not only that, Ken "Potty" Paxton will instigate a case in a Trump appointed Fifth 5th District Court Judge that will get the case to SCOTUS. Wake up Texas, get that homophobe out of office and in jail for the fraud that the has committed and been indicted for.

  • 38. ianbirmingham  |  June 30, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Supreme Court to hear case on GOP ‘independent legislature’ theory that could radically reshape elections

    Republican legislators argued in an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court that the state court had extremely limited authority to police the legislature on federal election matters — a theory known as the “independent state legislature” theory.

    The theory holds that state legislatures have near-uncheckable authority to set procedures for federal elections — and state courts have either a limited or even no ability to rule on those laws. The theory is based on a pair of clauses in the constitution, the Electors Clause and the Elections Clause, that mention state legislatures but do not explicitly mention the judiciary.

    Republicans have increasingly promoted the theory as a way around state courts that have recently struck down redistricting maps as partisan gerrymanders.

    A Supreme Court ruling that state legislatures alone have the power to make decisions about federal elections, within the boundaries set by federal law, could have a dramatic impact on redistricting processes and election procedures.

    Actions by state legislatures could still be subject to challenge in federal courts, but state courts and even governors could be sidelined under the most expansive interpretations of the “independent state legislature” theory.

    With 30 state legislatures currently in Republican hands, GOP state legislative leaders would be strongly positioned to skew maps in their party’s favor and to make changes Republican have sought to voting procedures.

    Four conservative justices — Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — have signaled at least an openness to some version of the theory.

    The theory was also central to then-President Donald Trump’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get states to appoint a slate of alternate electors in the 2020 presidential contest.

  • 39. VIRick  |  June 30, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    Slovakia: Constitutional Court to Hear Marriage Equality Case

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    The Constitutional Court of Slovakia has agreed to hear a case on the recognition of LGBT couples married outside the country.

    Per "Slovak Spectator:"

    Slovakia's Constitutional Court will decide on same sex couples who were married abroad (that is, in a non-EU country).

    The court announced that it has accepted the motion filed by former ombudswoman Mária Patakyová and will make a decision on the rights of same-sex couples in Slovakia. Before wrapping up her term in March 2022, the ombudswoman asked the court to look into the legal provisions on permanent residence for third-country (non-EU) nationals married to Slovak citizens. Patakyová asked the court to make a ruling on same-sex couples who have lived in a non-EU country and who were married there.

    For now, Slovak authorities do not recognise these same-sex marriages. When the spouse of a Slovak citizen requests permanent residence (in Slovakia) on the grounds of marriage, the law requires proof of marriage as understood by the Slovak law, that is, as being between a man and a woman.

    “As a consequence of our current situation, third-country nationals in same-sex relationships with Slovak citizens are not objectively able to meet the conditions the challenged law requires of them,” Patakyová stated in her motion. "At the same time, the sexual orientation of these couples is the only reason why they cannot meet the legal requirements. Yet, discrimination based on sexual orientation is banned. I have failed to identify any legitimate reason for this unequal treatment, one that is based on banned grounds for discrimination," the ombudswoman wrote.

  • 40. ianbirmingham  |  July 1, 2022 at 12:42 am

    Gay Republican Trump Propagandist Confesses

    The incestuous relationship between Republican campaigns, right-wing media sites, Fox news, the emails and texts that get sent to people — there’s just no way to look at it as a news environment. This is not like, “Oh, we’re trying to provide people with news but just from a more conservative vantage point.” That’s the pitch, but that’s not what it is. It is a completely interconnected delivery device of rage juice. I wanted to kind of pull back the curtain for people on how that works, to also help explain why I felt complicit in it. It’s not just this one little item that I look back on and say, “Oh, I shouldn’t have sent that to IJ Review, this thing that is a little bigoted or whatever.” It’s not that. It’s that this whole culture was turning people crazy. And I was a central cog in it.

    The two best things I ever did in my life were changing those identities — coming out of the closet and quitting being a Republican hatchet man are the two best decisions. They allowed me the freedom to be much more honest with myself, to see the world in different ways…

  • 41. ianbirmingham  |  July 1, 2022 at 9:46 am

    The conservative Supreme Court is just getting warmed up

    “What the court did just on abortion, guns and congressional power in the last eight days—that alone is momentous [but] if these justices stay together over the next few years, I don’t even think the first shoe has dropped,” University of California at Irvine Law Professor Rick Hasen said. “There’s so much more the Supreme Court could do to change American society.”

    The so-called independent state legislature theory has lingered at the fringes of election-law debates for years, but was seized upon by former President Donald Trump in 2020 in his unsuccessful efforts to overturn Biden’s win.

    “It’s kind of uncharted territory,” Hasen said. “It could have some far-reaching and unintended consequences.”

    A sweeping Supreme Court ruling on the state-legislature issue might give state lawmakers the authority to appoint presidential electors, regardless of what state courts say or how a majority of a state’s voters cast their ballots.

    In the 30 states with Republican legislatures, a ruling upholding the theory could give the GOP a big leg up in more routine House and Senate elections. But the effect in Democratic-run states could also be polarizing, with a redistricting commission in California put out of business and efforts by New York courts to limit gerrymandering reversed.

  • 42. ianbirmingham  |  July 1, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    Amazon blocks LGBT products in UAE, says it “must comply with local laws”; UAE, which bans same-sex relations, ordered Amazon to block products and searches.

    Amazon's "Restricted Products team" removed individual product listings, "and a team that manages the company's search abilities hid the results for more than 150 keywords," the NYT wrote. Searches for terms such as "lgbtq," "pride," "closeted gay," "transgender flag," "queer brooch," and "chest binder for lesbians" now turn up zero results in the UAE.

    Removed products include books such as My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness by Nagata Kabi, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe, and Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.

    As a US State Department travel advisory says, "Consensual same-sex sexual relations are criminalized in the UAE," with potential punishments including fines and imprisonment. "Under interpretations of sharia, the punishment could include the death penalty," the State Department says. "Although the US Embassy and US Consulate General are not aware of any recent arrests or prosecutions for such activities, they remain illegal. Cross-dressing is also a punishable offense and there have been reports that the government took action against cross-dressing individuals."

    In addition to same-sex relations being illegal, "expressing support for LGBT rights could also be deemed an offense" in the UAE, the BBC wrote.

  • 43. VIRick  |  July 1, 2022 at 6:00 pm

    Switzerland: Marriage Equality Law Takes Effect

    On 1 July 2022, the law that allows same-sex couples to legally marry in Switzerland finally took effect. Over 9 months ago, in late September of 2021, Swiss voters had overwhelmingly voted in favor of the “Marriage for All” law.

    Maria von Känel of Regenbogenfamilien (Rainbow Families) posted a picture of her and her wife with a marriage license, together with a message that said, “the celebrations can begin.”

  • 44. VIRick  |  July 1, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    New York: Legislature Passes Constitutional Amendment Protecting Marriage Equality

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    On 1 July 2022, the New York State legislature passed a state constitutional amendment that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination, while also protecting both marriage equality and abortion rights. The measure must pass again in the next legislature before being put to a referendum.

    Senate Bill S51002 is here:

    Provides that no person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws of this state or any subdivision thereof; provides no person shall, because of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, creed, religion, or sex, including sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, reproductive healthcare and autonomy, be subjected to any discrimination in their civil rights by any other person or by any firm, corporation, or institution, or by the state or any agency or subdivision of the state.


    CONCURRENT RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY proposing an amendment to section 11 of article 1 of the constitution, in relation to equal protection.


    New Yorkers deserve a constitution that recognizes that every person is entitled to equal rights and justice under the law regardless of who they are, whom they love, or what their families look like. Because the New York Constitution's Bill of Rights does not currently contain a comprehensive equal rights provision, a constitutional amendment is necessary to realize the promise of legalequality and justice for all New Yorkers.

  • 45. ianbirmingham  |  July 2, 2022 at 12:59 am

    Would that be a historic first, with SSM being protected (rather than prohibited) within a Constitution?

  • 46. VIRick  |  July 2, 2022 at 4:35 pm

    Nevada: First State to Protect Same-Sex Marriage in State Constitution

    On 3 November 2020, the majority of Nevadans voted (in the state constitutional amendment referendum) to redefine marriage as "between couples, regardless of gender."

    So, within the USA, the constitutional amendment to enshrine marriage equality within the New York State Constitution would apparently be the second such instance.

    It is also worth noting that the measure was passed by both chambers of the New York State legislature during a monumental session that began on Thursday, 30 June, and continued until late Friday evening, 1 July. It was then signed into law by Gov. Hochul today, 2 July 2022.

    In Mexico, the state constitutions of Baja California and Morelos also protect and guarantee marriage equality, as does the fundamental law of CDMX.

  • 47. ianbirmingham  |  July 2, 2022 at 10:59 am

    The Michigan Democrat Who Could Solve Her Party’s Identity Crisis

    "Senator Lana Theis accused me by name of grooming and sexualizing children in an attempt to marginalize me for standing up against her marginalizing the LGBTQ community…in a fundraising email, for herself. Hate wins when people like me stand by and let it happen. I won't."

    McMorrow has emerged as an unlikely voice for a party in desperate need of one. In this speech, which was the first of what likely will be many she’ll give at state party dinners that draw politicians with national ambitions, McMorrow wasn’t fighting the culture wars but rather teaching others how to fight them.

    She told the audience to talk to everyone. (“You might be the first Democrat people ever meet.”) She gave them tips on knocking on doors. (“Find something on peoples’ porches that you like and compliment it.” For her, it’s “ceramic ducks that people in Michigan put on their porches and they dress them up in different outfits depending on the season. I’m obsessed with them. We talk about that for 20 minutes. And then they ask for a yard sign.”) And she told them to avoid partisan scripts and talking points. (“Be you. Be authentic. Be real.”)

  • 48. ianbirmingham  |  July 2, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    As Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law takes effect, schools roll out LGBTQ restrictions

    On Tuesday night, the Leon County School Board unanimously approved its “LGBTQ Inclusive School Guide,” which includes a provision to alert parents if a student who is “open about their gender identity” is in their child’s physical education class or with them on an overnight school trip.

    Representatives of the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association accused school officials Monday of verbally warning educators not to wear rainbow articles of clothing and to remove pictures of their same-sex spouses from their desks and LGBTQ safe space stickers from classroom doors.

    And late last month, the School District of Palm Beach County sent out a questionnaire asking its teachers to review all course material and flag any books with references to sexual orientation, gender identity or race, said a Palm Beach County high school special education teacher, Michael Woods. Several weeks previously, the district removed two books — “I Am Jazz” and “Call Me Max” — that touch upon gender identity, he said.

    State Rep. Carlos Smith, a Democrat who is gay and has been an outspoken critic of the new law, said he was “not surprised” that schools in the state were announcing the policies and guidelines.

    “We talked about this from the beginning,” he said. “What’s happening right now — with the censorship of rainbow flags and school districts preparing to basically push LGBTQ students and teachers into the closet — is exactly what we said would happen with the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.”

  • 49. ianbirmingham  |  July 3, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Same-sex couples updating legal status after abortion ruling

    Dawn Betts-Green and wife Anna Green didn’t waste time shoring up their legal paperwork after the decision. They’ve already visited a legal clinic for same-sex families to start the process of making a will.

    “That way, if they blast us back to the Dark Ages again, we have legal protections for our relationship,” said Betts-Green, who works with an Alabama-based nonprofit that documents the history of LGBTQ people in the South.

    Any attempt to undo gay marriage would begin with a lawsuit, and any possible rollback is years away since no major legal threat is on the horizon, said Cathryn Oakley, senior counsel and state legislative director with the Washington-based Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy organization.

    Although the threat to same-sex couples feels particularly acute in conservative states, Oakley said she’s heard of people all over the country in recent days seeking second-parent adoptions, which protect a family by having the names of both adoptive parents on the birth certificate. People also are completing medical directives in case one spouse is incapacitated and doing general estate planning, she said.

    Ryanne Seyba’s law firm in Hollywood, Florida, is offering free second-parent adoptions, which are similar to step-parent adoptions, for qualified same-sex couples to help ease some of the stress caused by the possible ripple effects of the abortion decision.

    “We realized last week when (the ruling) came out we needed to do something,” said Seyba of The Upgrade Lawyers.

    A judge in Broward County plans to have a special day in August to finalize all the adoptions at once, Seyba said. If nothing else, completing the process should give nervous families more security, she said.

    “If gay marriage goes away, we don’t really know what’s going to happen,” she said. “It’s better to be on the safe side.’′

  • 50. VIRick  |  July 3, 2022 at 8:53 pm

    Chihuahua: Bill Introduced to Codify Marriage Equality into Law

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    In Chihuahua, a state deputy has introduced a bill to codify marriage equality into law:

    El 1 de julio 2022, el diputado, Francisco Sánchez Villegas (MC), presentó ante el Congreso del Estado la iniciativa para reformar el Código Civil de Chihuahua que impide (de lo contrario) el matrimonio para personas del mismo sexo. En la redacción de esta reforma, se estipula que el matrimonio es el acuerdo de voluntades entre dos personas físicas para realizar la comunidad de vida.

    In the State Congress on 1 July 2022, the deputy, Francisco Sánchez Villegas (MC), presented an initiative to reform the Chihuahua Civil Code that (otherwise) impedes marriage between same-sex couples. In the revised wording, it is stipulated that marriage is the voluntary agreement between two natural persons in order to realize a shared life.

    In actual practice for the last 7 years, due to an executive order issued by the state governor, Chihuahua has had marriage equality in effect since 2015. However, to date, the state law codifying this executive order has not yet been up-dated to reflect such.

  • 51. ianbirmingham  |  July 3, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    'Love is Halal': Berlin Mosque Becomes the First to Raise LGBTQ+ Flag

    The LGBTQ+ flag was raised on Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque, located in Berlin, where many people are said to have added 'Love is Halal' stickers to show also their support following the upcoming two major gay pride events in the city during July.

    Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque was opened in 2017, five years ago, and it is the country's only self-described liberal mosque.

    Furthermore, the mosque, which triggered many questions after rising the LGBTQ+ flag, is said to allow men and women to mix up during prayers in a move that is forbidden in any other mosque.

    In fact, a woman, called Seyran Ates, who founded the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque which is located on the third floor of St. John's Church near Berlin's Tiergarten, is one of the Imams in the mosque, making her the only female to handle this job in Germany. However, in France, Kahina Bahloul is also the first female to become a mosque's Imam.

  • 52. VIRick  |  July 4, 2022 at 5:25 pm

    Chile: President Receives Draft of New Constitution

    Chile’s new draft constitution has been submitted to President Gabriel Boric, after a year-long process that saw constituent assembly members debate and write up a document to replace the Pinochet-era 1973 constitution, one that will be establishing new social rights.

    It was drawn up by the Constitutional Convention, a constituent assembly of 154 citizens, most of whom were political independents. It will now be dissolved a year to the day after it began work on 4 July 2021. The President immediately signed a decree calling for a referendum on it for 4 September, where voting in the deeply polarized country of 19 million people is obligatory.

    In the first of the new constitution’s 388 articles, Chile is described as “a social and democratic state of law," as well as being “pluri-national, inter-cultural, and ecological."

    Chileans voted last year for the Constitutional Convention members who would work to replace the Pinochet-era constitution, which critics blamed for long-standing socio-economic inequalities. Calls for a new constitution grew out of mass 2019 protests that broke out in anger over rising costs-of-living and other issues, like lack of progress (at the time) on marriage equality.

    Fed up with the political status quo and urging systemic reforms, Chilean voters elected dozens of progressive, independent delegates to redraft the new constitution, thus dealing a surprise blow to conservative candidates who failed to secure one-third of the seats in order to be able to veto any proposals.

  • 53. ianbirmingham  |  July 5, 2022 at 8:58 pm

    Does Dobbs mark the beginning of the end of natural rights?

    The Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Woman’s Health Organization rests on premises that mark the beginning of the end of the Constitution and the rule of law.

    The Dobbs argument that historical legislative protection of a claimed liberty is the alpha and omega of its constitutional status turns the whole idea of the Constitution on its head — to check rather than to bow to the hormonal-fueled masses.

    As Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion advertised, the next precedents on the Supreme Court’s chopping block include the right to contraceptives, (Griswold v. Connecticut) the right to same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) and the right to consensual sexual relations (Lawrence v. Texas). Indeed, no precedent is safe from overruling.

    Writing for the Dobbs majority, Justice Samuel Alito amplified that stare decisis withholds protection of major judicial blunders as opposed to simple ones. How to discern the line between the two? Dobbs overruled precedents that had commanded seven and six-member majorities, respectively whereas Dobbs itself commanded five votes plus a concurrence from Chief Justice Roberts.

    The overruled cases continued to enjoy support from three of Alito’s colleagues. At what point in the overruled decisions did Alito decide to lower those cases’ grades from pass to fail? Is such a standard for overruling precedents distinguishable from Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio: “I know it when I see it?” Is that the rule of law or the rule of men?

    Expect Supreme Court precedents protecting liberty to fall like pins for the indefinite future with sui generis exceptions for guns and prayer.

    Bruce Fein was associate deputy attorney general under President Reagan and is the author of, “Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy.” @brucefeinesq.

  • 54. VIRick  |  July 5, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    Venezuela: An Honest Comment Regarding the So-called Chavista "Revolution:"

    Per Otto Carreño, a Venezuelan living in Miami:

    And addressed to deputy Alexander Mimou Vargas, militant Chavista Asdrúbal J. Alamilla, and the rest of the Asamblea Venezolana:

    21 años controlando a Venezuela y ni siquiera han legalizado el matrimonio igualitario. Vayan a comer mierda con sus eslogan baratos y trasnochados. Esta "revolución" sólo ha servido para robar y enroscarse en el poder, lo demás es pura paja.

    21 years controlling Venezuela and you have not even legalized same-sex marriage. Go eat shit with your cheap and outdated slogans. This "revolution" has only served to rob and to curdle up in power, the rest is pure fluff.

  • 55. VIRick  |  July 5, 2022 at 9:32 pm

    Antigua/Barbuda: EC Supreme Court Rules Sodomy Ban Unconstitutional

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    On 5 July 2022, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court ruled that the nation's anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional; the order takes effect immediately.

    A Caribbean court ruled Tuesday that a law in Antigua and Barbuda that criminalizes gay sex is unconstitutional. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court found that “the selection of an intimate partner is a private and a personal choice."

    The ruling also said the twin-island nation's 1995 Sexual Offenses Act “offends the right to liberty, protection of the law, freedom of expression, protection of personal privacy, and protection from discrimination on the basis of sex.” The ruling comes after a gay man who works at Antigua’s Ministry of Health and a local group called Women Against Rape Inc. asked that the law be found unconstitutional.

    The rarely used law states in part that two consenting adults found guilty of having anal sex would face 15 years in prison. If found guilty of serious indecency, they would face five years in prison.

    The Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality welcomed Tuesday's outcome, which came in litigation that began in 2020 to challenge what it called “invasive and unconstitutional remnants of colonial law.” It further said that constitutional challenges are pending in Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts/Nevis.

    In her ruling, High Court Judge Marissa Robertson said that “the Constitution is often described as a living instrument which gives significant room for the realization and enjoyment of individuals’ human rights. The very rights that the document espouses and protects are capable of evolution since concepts, attitudes and the understanding of human rights and dignity evolve over time."

    In addition, there are court challenges still pending in Dominica and St. Vincent/Grenadines.

  • 56. VIRick  |  July 6, 2022 at 1:34 pm

    Singapore Will Not Prosecute Those Engaged in Gay Sex

    A Singapore government minister said his country will not prosecute anyone under a colonial-era law that criminalizes consensual same-sex sexual relations. “People engaging in gay sex will not be prosecuted, even though there is this old piece of law which makes gay sex among males an offense,” Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam stated on 29 June during an interview on BBC’s “HARDtalk” program. “The attorney-general has confirmed that (government) position, and the Supreme Court has said that the government’s position is legal for us.”

    Singapore is among the 70 countries in which consensual same-sex sexual relations remain criminalized. In February 2022, the Singapore Court of Appeal upheld a lower court decision that dismissed three lawsuits against Section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code. Shanmugam acknowledged a “significant proportion of our population — the middle ground as it were — don’t want that law repealed.”

    “Attitudes are shifting somewhat, but still, the Singapore government can not ignore those views. So, we have arrived at this sort of messy compromise during the last 15 years, and have taken this path because these issues are difficult,” he said. “They are not easily settled and we have made clear that LGBTQ individuals are entitled to live peacefully, without being attacked or threatened.”

  • 57. VIRick  |  July 6, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    Cuba: Government Approves Final Draft of New Family Code

    Per Cuba Cute Noticias:

    El matrimonio homosexual se queda! El Gobierno cubano aprueba la versión final del nuevo Código de Familias.

    Una comisión especializada de la Asamblea Nacional de Cuba acaba de aprobar la versión 25 del proyecto de nuevo Código de Familias, luego de que fuera modificado el 47.93 por ciento de la versión anterior como resultado de tres meses de consulta popular.

    Se espera que esa sea la última versión del nuevo proyecto de ley, que será sometido este mes al pleno del legislativo e irá a referendo en septiembre próximo.

    Marriage equality is retained! The Cuban Government approves the final version of the new Family Code.

    A specialized commission of the National Assembly of Cuba has just approved version 25 of the new Family Code project, after 47.93 percent of the previous version was modified as a result of three months of popular consultation.

    It is expected that this will be the last version of the new bill, which will be submitted to the full legislature this month and will go to a referendum in September.

  • 58. VIRick  |  July 7, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    Aeroméxico Offers Free Marriage Flights to LGBT Couples

    Aeroméxico, ante la situación de negaciones al matrimonio igualitario en algunos territorios, hace un llamado a todas las parejas LGBT que quieran casarse, para regalarles su viaje al destino en donde el amor es libre, legal y seguro.

    Aeroméxico, given the situation of denial of same-sex marriage in some territories, makes an announcement to all LGBT couples who wish to marry, to give them their free trip to the destination where love is free, legal, and secure.

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