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Archives – September, 2023

Equality on Trial: 2023 Update

Equality on Trial (EOT formerly Prop 8 Trial Tracker) was a project of Courage California Institute. It was established to cover the 2009 Perry v. Brown trial Prop 8 Trial Tracker covered the trial live from the courthouse, collected all of the latest motions and court rulings on one site, and documented and responded to right-wing attacks on the process. Re-branded as Equality on Trial, the site covered on-going legal issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community, including state and federal marriage equality cases, challenges to the so-called federal Defense of Marriage Act, and more.

Equality on Trial was sunsetted by Courage California Institute in August of 2023.

Equality on Trial, sponsored and funded by Courage California Institute, was managed by Scottie Thomaston, an activist and writer based in Alabama. In addition to being a Contributor at Courage California Institute’s, he has been a longtime contributor to DailyKos, Fire Dog Lake, Critical Mass Progress, and The Huffington Post’s ‘Gay Voices.’ As a lifelong activist, he has worked to help to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy” and to end proposed statewide amendments and legislation such as the recently withdrawn anti-transgender bill proposed in Tennessee’s General Assembly. He’s written on topics ranging from LGBT rights to disability rights and criminal justice.

September 14, 2023