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Scottie’s on the mend!

A new thread for comments!

Continue 63 Comments January 13, 2016

EOT on hiatus for a bit

We’ll be back when Scottie’s feeling better!

Continue 398 Comments December 18, 2015

Sorry about the delay in service… [Update: A Note from Scottie]

Hold on through the weekend–we hope to have this resolved really soon!

Continue 35 Comments August 20, 2015

Scottie’s out of service…briefly!

We’ll be back soon!

Continue 238 Comments August 9, 2015

Alabama judge orders pro-marriage equality decision effective statewide, stays effect until SCOTUS ruling

An Alabama judge makes her previous ruling against the state’s marriage equality ban effective statewide, but stays the judgment until the Supreme Court rules on marriage equality early this summer.

Continue 231 Comments May 21, 2015

Marriage equality at SCOTUS: could sex discrimination tip the scale?

With his colleagues hesitant about new protected classes and fundamental rights, has the Chief Justice found a potential way to a compromise in the marriage cases?

Continue 245 Comments May 5, 2015

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