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Senate passes Respect for Marriage Act

One more vote until the Respect for Marriage Act is law.

Continue 1 Comment November 29, 2022

Senate moves forward on Respect for Marriage Act

Debate ended on Respect for Marriage Act, final vote coming soon.

Continue 52 Comments November 16, 2022

11/14 open thread

Open thread.

Continue 15 Comments November 14, 2022

SCOTUS to hear case of business that wants to refusse same-sex wedding videos on December 5

This morning the Court released its argument calendar for the end of November and beginning of December. One case of note is 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, in which a business is pre-emptively suing the state of Colorado in order to avoid having to make wedding videos for same-sex couples if and when the business decides to make wedding videos for opposite-sex couples. The case has major implications for accommodations laws.

80 Comments October 18, 2022

SCOTUS declines to review decision to release Prop 8 Trial tapes

SCOTUS won’t get involved in Prop 8 again.

Continue 20 Comments October 11, 2022

9/28 open thread

Open thread.

Continue 35 Comments September 28, 2022

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