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Filed under: Discrimination

7/5 open thread and some news

Open thread and some SCOTUS news.

Continue 35 Comments July 5, 2021

On first day of Pride Month, SCOTUS doesn’t take action in case we’re following

Still waiting on SCOTUS decision.

Continue 25 Comments June 1, 2021

Nothing yet in SCOTUS case we’re watching

SCOTUS still has not issued a decision in Fulton v. Philadelphia.

Continue 18 Comments May 17, 2021

5/11 open thread and some news

Open thread and some news.

Continue 19 Comments May 11, 2021

House of Representatives passes Equality Act

Now onto the Senate.

Continue 30 Comments February 25, 2021

Pete Buttigieg becomes first out confirmed Cabinet appointee

Buttigieg confirmed as Transportation Secretary.

Continue 11 Comments February 2, 2021

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