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Equality news round-up: DADT, DOMA come up in 2016 presidential campaign, and more

News from Colorado, and the presidential candidates.

Continue 20 Comments October 26, 2015

As the year ends, help us keep EqualityOnTrial going strong

As 2013 was historic, so will 2014 be as well.

Continue 8 Comments December 23, 2013

Social Security Administration will process some survivors’ benefits for same-sex couples

The Social Security Administration has started to process survivors’ benefits for members of same-sex couples.

Continue 2 Comments December 17, 2013

After confusion over Texas National Guard policy on same-sex spousal benefits, state offers clarification that benefits will be allowed

According to reports, Texas’ National Guard will process spousal benefits for same-sex couples.

Continue 4 Comments November 27, 2013

Senator Udall (D-Co) asks Obama administration for more action on military veterans’ benefits

Senator Udall is asking the Obama administration to cease enforcement of a provision of the US Code that recognizes marriages for purposes of military veterans’ benefits based on if they’re considered legal in the state where the couple lives.

Continue 14 Comments November 14, 2013

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel orders National Guard to issue military benefit applications for same-sex couples

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is directing national guards in all states to process the military benefit applications for same-sex couples.

Continue November 1, 2013

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