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Hawaii state senate passes marriage equality bill

Yesterday, Hawaii’s state senate passed the marriage equality bill in a 20-4 vote.

Continue October 31, 2013

Hawaii Senate committee advances marriage equality bill

A full Senate vote and House committee vote are expected in the coming days.

Continue 3 Comments October 29, 2013

Hawaii special legislative session begins today

Lawmakers in the island state will consider a marriage equality bill that could make Hawaii the 15th state to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Continue 3 Comments October 28, 2013

Details on next week’s special legislative session in Hawaii emerge

Next week, Hawaii’s legislature will begin a special session to address marriage equality legislation.

Continue 1 Comment October 25, 2013

Ninth Circuit grants request for 35-day extension to file opening briefs in challenge to Hawaii’s same-sex marriage ban

The Ninth Circuit Court Appeals granted an extension of time to the plaintiffs challenging Hawaii’s anti-gay marriage ban yesterday, allowing opening briefs to be filed on November 22.

Continue 1 Comment September 27, 2013

Update: Hawaii governor announces special session to take up marriage equality

Governor Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii met last week with Democrats in the state house to discuss the possibility of calling for a special session to address marriage equality.

Continue 1 Comment September 9, 2013

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