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Filed under: Marriage equality

Equality news round-up: International news edition, plus BREAKING UPDATE

News from Bermuda, Cyprus, and Arkansas.

Continue 9 Comments November 30, 2015

Equality news round-up: New briefs filed in Kentucky and Alabama cases, and more

News from Alabama, Kentucky, and more.

Continue 29 Comments November 23, 2015

News round up and open thread

Congress meets to discuss anti-trans violence, and more.

Continue 11 Comments November 18, 2015

Equality news round-up: News from Ireland and Kentucky

News in the Kim Davis case, and more.

Continue 17 Comments November 16, 2015

Equality news round-up: Utah judge removes child from same-sex parents, and more

News from Arkansas and Utah.

Continue 35 Comments November 12, 2015

Equality news round-up: News on Paul Hard’s case in Alabama, and more

News from Alabama, Mississippi, and more.

Continue 48 Comments November 9, 2015

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