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Filed under: Prop 8

SCOTUS declines to review decision to release Prop 8 Trial tapes

SCOTUS won’t get involved in Prop 8 again.

Continue 20 Comments October 11, 2022

Prop 8 proponents ask Supreme Court to take up case over release of trial tapes

Proponents go to SCOTUS over tapes.

Continue 20 Comments March 30, 2022

12/13 open thread and some Prop 8 news

News and open thread.

Continue 28 Comments December 13, 2021

Ninth Circuit rules Prop 8 proponents lack standing in tapes case

No standing to challenge release of Prop 8 tapes.

Continue 17 Comments November 18, 2021

Ninth Circuit orders briefing in Prop 8 tapes case

Ninth Circuit wants Article III standing question briefed.

Continue 14 Comments July 13, 2021

Ninth Circuit puts release of Prop 8 trial tapes on hold, fast-tracks appeal for December arguments

Release of Prop 8 trial tapes put on hold temporarily.

Continue 20 Comments August 11, 2020

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