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Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

Kavanaugh confirmed 50-48.

Continue 58 Comments October 6, 2018

Open SCOTUS thread BREAKING: MSNBC reporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be nominated

Open thread for SCOTUS nominee.

Continue 78 Comments July 9, 2018

Open thread and news round-up

Open thread with news on several cases.

Continue 63 Comments August 15, 2017

News round up and open thread 6/21 w/ UPDATES

News from the DOJ, and more.

Continue 71 Comments June 21, 2017

5/30 Open thread and news round-up w/ UPDATES – updated 5/31

News updates from 5/30-31.

Continue 112 Comments May 30, 2017

North Carolina legislature passes “compromise” bill to purportedly repeal HB2

Advocates say the bill does the opposite.

Continue 135 Comments March 30, 2017

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