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Show us what really happened on Brian Brown’s summer vacation: Create a NOM tour mashup video!

By Rick Jacobs
Chair, Courage Campaign Institute

Eden sent me that Brian Brown fantasy tour summer video last night. I dropped what I was doing to watch it because I needed a break from reality. Thank you Brian, for delivering!


Yes, “Gathering Storm Chasers” was funny, but your video can be serious as well. Whatever inspires you to get creative.

Think about the incidents during the NOM tour that most affected you during NOM’s tour. Was it the man with the “noose” sign? Was it a family that really wanted simply to be a family but were being told they are not good enough? Was it the photos of the podium isolated by a sea of black top, surrounded by ten lonely staffers at the “big NOM rally” in Lima, Ohio? How about all of those great stats on the NOM tour that Adam put together?

If you need more material, just scroll back through the archives for a month’s worth of posts, pics and videos.

Let’s show the real Brian Brown summer vacation video, the one that has no followers, no energy and no future. The one that wants to divide families, attack judges and that does not trust America.

What do you say? You always rise to the occasion. Give it a go!

UPDATE BY EDEN: Not that I need to say so, but feel free to use this as an Open Thread to talk about Rick’s post above or whatever is on your mind…

73 Comments August 26, 2010

The #NOMtourFAIL elephant in the room: Check out Brian Brown’s new propaganda, er, video

By Eden James

Brian Brown just hit the National Organization for Marriage’s email list with the premiere of some prime propaganda — a video recap of NOM’s “Summer for Marriage: One Man, One Woman” tour.

You know, the tour in which, equality supporters outnumbered NOM supporters by nearly 3-to-1, according to our on-the-ground hand-counts by Arisha, Anthony, Phyllis, Danny and Robert across the country?

  • Number of equality supporters, as hand-counted by 3,419
  • Number of NOM supporters, as hand-counted by 1,274

But you wouldn’t know it from the tight shots employed by Louis and the NOM videographers, showing handfuls of people selected to make the crowds look much larger than they actually were.

Check it out for yourself:

As Brian Brown put it:

Pulling 3 minutes of highlights from more than 30 hours of footage taken at 23 rallies over the past month is no small task!

Especially when there are fewer people at your rallies than NOM staffers!

As Jeremy Hooper says over at Good As You, Brown predictably chose to use the screaming match in Providence as the primary framing on the video, setting up the victim narrative yet again, even though he was using a bus tour to attack the legitimacy of same-sex couples merely wanting the same right he enjoys.

And Jeremy points out that Brown fudged the truth yet again. It’s not a “new” web site, Brian, it’s a relaunching of the same web site that failed the first time (back in 2009):

Brian Brown

We’re producing our own video version of events and let’s just say that it will be a bit more, er, accurate.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what other fabrications you see in this video — and what you think about them. (In the extended entry, I’m posting Brian Brown’s full email)…

159 Comments August 25, 2010

NOM by the numbers: A numerical tour of NOM’s #FAIL

by Adam Bink

As the NOM tour came to a close this past weekend, I thought it’d be fun to do an overview of all the highs, lows, and everything in between… with some numbers. I’ve compiled some top-line numbers as an overview, and some on-the-ground numbers from our intrepid team. (Meanwhile, if you want to go down memory lane here are the full archives for your reading pleasure).


Number of states visited: 17 + District of Columbia

Number of locations was on hand: 22

Number of equality supporters, as hand-counted by 3,419 (counts in the extended entry)

Number of NOM supporters, as hand-counted by 1,274 (counts in the extended entry)

Number of views on and combined: 2,926,416

Number of comments on and blog posts combined: 53,803

Number of videos: 171 (we’ll be showcasing some of the extra footage later)

Highest number of views on a video: 32,972 (the video of NOM supporters speaking in tongues in Providence)

Number of photos: 127

And of course, no NOM by the numbers would be complete without some fun dispatches from the road! (courtesy of Anthony, Arisha and Phyllis)

Miles traveled: 6,859. Six thousand, eight hundred and fifty-nine. Wow.

Number of rental cars: Just one.

Number of times staff have been told they cannot film by police: 3 (Annapolis, where Jethro was threatened with arrest; Atlanta, until NOM changed its mind; and St. Louis, where an arbitrary guest list was enforced)

Highest number of tolls the car has gone through in the shortest number of days: 35 in 4 days (while driving through Maine, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts)

Number of times lead in the wrong direction by “Miss GPS”:  “Too many to count.”-Anthony

Number of brown suits worn by Brian: 1

Number of questions actually directly answered by Brian: 0

Number of interviews of Brian Brown by Arisha in which he throws his head back and cackles: Every single one.

Most common song played on the car radio: Hands down, it would be Adelle (this is largely the choice of Arisha and Phyllis)

Number of tornado warnings issued on the tour: 3

Number of times luggage was forgot in another city: 1 (cough, Phyllis, cough, 2 hours after leaving Atlanta)

Number of times Phyllis’ phone battery died because of Miss GPS: Once a day

Number of times NOM Tour Trackers spotted NOM bus driver texting or talking on cell phone: Every time we had seen them

Number of hotel keys collected: 14

Number of times NOM Tour Trackers had to buy new clothes because there were no washing machines: 4

Number of bug bites: Countless

Number of times Arisha has made us laugh: Countless

In the extended entry, check out our tour hand-count of attendance at each location, both for equality supporters and NOM supporters…

132 Comments August 18, 2010

Videos: Courage Campaign’s Rick Jacobs confronts NOM’s Brian Brown, Harry Jackson, and other coverage from DC

by Adam Bink

Well, have I got some videos (and other coverage) for you. We have our videos uploaded from the NOM and “The Big Commit” Freedom Plaza rallies in DC. Here are some barnburners along with other coverage:

  • First and foremost, Courage Campaign Founder and Chair Rick Jacobs confronts NOM President Brian Brown. The results are pretty epic:]

NOM-allied organization: Single-parent families? Oxymoron.

by Adam Bink

HONK for "Traditional Marriage" signs among NOM supporters

This is the a photo of members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property from the event in Harrisburg. Here’s an interview with two of the members:]


Or these:]

They’d? Is that a family?

NOM supporter: It’s half a family. <chuckles>

Anthony: But you said a family is one man, one woman, what if there is no man?

NOM supporter: What if there is no man? It’s half a family… the man that was part of that left, so the family isn’t really left.

Wait. Let’s see that one again:

Anthony: But you said a family is one man, one woman, what if there is no man?

NOM supporter: What if there is no man? It’s half a family.

I’m not selectively quoting anything, and this wasn’t just some random person with a sign, either. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property is an organization with, according to Wikipedia, 135 staff members, claiming 120,000 members worldwide, and offices across the country. They were given a prominent space in which to demonstrate at the NOM’s Harrisburg event with their own outfits, banner and all. Given that those with opposing points of view were confined to the space across the street, and their prominence both as demonstrators and as an organization, it would be a fair point to say they were doing so under the auspices of NOM.

And under those auspices, they just called single-parent families an oxymoron.

UPDATE (8:13 PST): I want to pull out a comment from JuliaL:

So the wife of a serviceman, caring for their three children while the husband goes to war, is part of a family so long as the husband lives. When he dies heroically in the service of his country, she and the children no longer count as a family.

That’s what I’d like to know.

194 Comments August 16, 2010

The face of NOM and how it will aid us

by Adam Bink

I was watching HBO’s True Blood yesterday, whose character Lafayette reminded me of the memorable Belize from Angels in America. I’ve seen the amazing Tony Kushner play twice (and the made-for-TV version a third time), but I was driven to watch clips of it this morning. As I watched the moving portrayal of the stigma around HIV/AIDS, I wondered how NOM and their rank and file supporters would have reacted to such an epidemic and “homosexual disease” racing across America. Would they have shown the same intolerance and disdain for a debilitating disease as they do for equality?

Then I watched this video Anthony took in Harrisburg, PA. Take special note of this man’s comments about AIDS and “homosexuals”:

Absolutely stunning. This is the ugly face brought out and exposed by NOM’s “Summer for Marriage” tour.

In a coincidence, Frank Rich’s NYTimes column from yesterday happened to be titled “Angels in America”. In it, he describes Judith Peabody and her mother-in-law, Mary Peabody, two “high society” women who shook up the circles in which they traveled by volunteering for civil rights and AIDS activism. Rich writes:

The Peabody women were among the countless players in these larger civil rights dramas. They are testimony to the courage, big-heartedness and sense of fundamental fairness that can flower in our country in the most unexpected quarters even as the angrier and more malign voices dominate the debate.

Voices like this man’s- who refused to even give his name to Anthony because Anthony is gay- are among those faces Rich describes, which we’ve seen exposed into the sunlight over the course of this tour. While it is painful to watch, I don’t believe it is a bad thing. Videos like this man’s will become the new version of firehoses spraying civil rights activists in Birmingham, footage which shocked many Americans and led to an awareness of the evils of discrimination and segregation during the civil rights movement. So while NOM’s hate and the hatred and bigotry of men like this may be dominating the debate, I say: let them talk. We will document their language and show it to the rest of this country.

I believe doing so will help us continue on the path to defend constitutional rights from a majority vote. As I wrote this afternoon, election law by design prevents civil rights from being put to a popular vote in the District of Columbia. Ted Olson memorably told Chris Wallace on FOX News “Would you like FOX’s right to free press put up to a vote?… These are fundamental constitutional rights.” This reminds me of a quote from Rich’s piece and one of my favorite quotes from Belize in Angels in America (bolding mine):

We are still a young, imperfect, unfinished country. As a young black man working as a nurse in a 1980s AIDS clinic memorably says in Tony Kushner’s epic drama “Angels in America”: “The white cracker who wrote the national anthem knew what he was doing. He set the word ‘free’ to a note so high nobody can reach it.”

But sometimes we do hit that note, however tentatively. How one wishes that the many gay Americans who were left to die in the shadows during that horrific time — and, in most cases, without a Judith Peabody, let alone a legal spouse, by their side — could hear Judge Walker’s clarion call.

Sometimes we do hit that note- and if we do, let’s make sure we expose the face of those who helped make it so, so it never happens again.

108 Comments August 15, 2010

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