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READ IT HERE: Response and reply briefs filed in Supreme Court petition in case of bakery’s refusal to make same-sex wedding cake

The case will be taken up at the January 6 conference to determine whether the Justices will review it this term.

Continue December 14, 2016

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory concedes election

Governor responsible for HB2 loses election.

Continue 32 Comments December 5, 2016

11/29-11/30 open thread w/UPDATES

Open thread and a few brief news items.

Continue 46 Comments November 29, 2016

Open thread and a couple news updates on the upcoming Trump administration

Open thread, and some new updates as Trump picks people for his administration.

Continue 187 Comments November 18, 2016

READ IT HERE: Opening brief in Mississippi’s appeal in religious liberty case involving marriage

Governor appeals case that struck down “religious liberty” law in the state.

Continue 9 Comments October 27, 2016

Alabama’s chief justice, Roy Moore, appeals his suspension

Moore argues he should not have been removed from the bench for his orders on same-sex marriage.

Continue 22 Comments October 5, 2016

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