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Further delay for briefing in Nevada same-sex marriage appeal

Briefing in the challenge to Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban has been delayed further. The new request for delay came from the defendants, who haven’t yet filed a brief in the Ninth Circuit appeal. The Ninth Circuit granted the request on December 20, allowing the brief to be filed 30 days from the date that order was issued.

Lambda Legal, who filed the case and brought the appeal on behalf of same-sex couples, filed their opening brief back in October, but the state and the Coalition for the Protection for Marriage, supporters of the marriage amendment who intervened in its defense, have requested several delays since then. The most recent order would have had them filing a brief on December 18, though now they have until late January.

The plaintiffs, same-sex couples, lost the case in district court and appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. That appeals court is seen as liberal-leaning and pro-marriage equality, having written a now-vacated opinion affirming same-sex marriage in California in the Perry Prop 8 case.

The case is Sevcik v. Sandoval.

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Ninth Circuit gives plaintiffs in Hawaii same-sex marriage case 21 days to ask for dismissal

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is giving the same-sex couples who filed a federal challenge to Hawaii’s same-sex marriage ban three weeks to either file a request to dismiss the case or tell the appeals court why it should continue.

Continue 10 Comments December 4, 2013

Time extensions sought at Ninth Circuit for filing briefs in Nevada, Hawaii marriage equality cases

The plaintiffs in the challenge to Hawaii’s anti-gay marriage law are asking the Ninth Circuit to delay the due date for their opening brief; the defendants in the Nevada challenge were granted an extension to file their answering briefs.

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Hawaii state senate passes marriage equality bill

Yesterday, Hawaii’s state senate passed the marriage equality bill in a 20-4 vote.

Continue October 31, 2013

Hawaii special legislative session begins today

Lawmakers in the island state will consider a marriage equality bill that could make Hawaii the 15th state to allow same-sex couples to wed.

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Same-sex couples in Nevada argue that marriage ban is unconstitutional in Ninth Circuit appeal

On Friday, Lambda Legal filed their opening brief in Sevcik v. Sandoval, the challenge to Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban.

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