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Filed under: Transgender Rights

SCOTUS won’t allow West Virginia anti-trans law to go into effect for now

No SCOTUS involvement in this case for now.

Continue 86 Comments April 6, 2023

4/11 open thread UPDATED

Open thread. UPDATE: Lawsuit filed against transphobic Alabama law.

Continue 10 Comments April 11, 2022

Open thread and news update 3/28

Open thread and trans rights news from TX.

Continue 2 Comments March 28, 2022

Texas judge blocks state officials from investigating gender-affirming families

State judge issues order blocking officials from investigations.

Continue 2 Comments March 11, 2022

Texas state court temporarily restrains state officials enforcing investigations against trangender-affirming parents who filed lawsuit

State court blocks investigations of familes who filed lawsuit.

Continue 13 Comments March 2, 2022

3/2 open thread and news round-up

Open thread and some news.

Continue 1 Comment March 2, 2022

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