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Supreme Court will hear LGBT employment discrimination cases

The Supreme Court will hear 3 Title VII cases.

Continue 55 Comments April 22, 2019

Open thread and SCOTUS news

SCOTUS reschedules private conference for LGBT employment discrimination cases.

Continue 66 Comments November 27, 2018

Masterpiece Cakeshop oral argument audio is here

Audio of the argument is online.

Continue 35 Comments December 8, 2017

Open thread UPDATE

Open thread for news and discussion.

Continue 37 Comments October 10, 2017

Sorry about the delay in service… [Update: A Note from Scottie]

Hold on through the weekend–we hope to have this resolved really soon!

Continue 35 Comments August 20, 2015

Scottie’s out of service…briefly!

We’ll be back soon!

Continue 238 Comments August 9, 2015

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