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This is going to be a very nasty fight.

Opponents of a new California law that gives transgender students certain rights said Sunday that they had collected enough signatures for an initiative that would repeal the law.

A coalition of conservative groups called Privacy for all Students submitted 620,000 signatures to get the initiative on the November 2014 ballot, said Frank Schubert, the political strategist handling the signature gathering effort.

To qualify, at least 505,000 valid signatures must be submitted.

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Just like its predecessor in California was in August, New Jersey’s ban on so-called ex-gay therapy was just upheld in federal court.

Judge Freda Wolfson of the U.S. District Court in New Jersey issued a ruling Friday declaring that the New Jersey law “restricts neither speech nor religious expression,” according to the National Center for Lesbian Rights. The judge dismissed a legal challenge from the right-wing legal group Liberty Counsel, filed on behalf of therapists who wanted to engage in the scientifically discredited, harmful practices on minors.

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Good summary of the final day of House debate, and looking ahead.

The Hawaii House gave final approval Friday evening to a marriage equality bill, putting Hawaii on track to become the 16th state plus the District of Columbia to allow same-sex couples to marry. The tally was 30 to 19.

The voting and amendment process was a raucous one, with numerous calls for recess as members wrestled over rules, time limits, and disputes over fair play. All the while, the sound of protesters chanting and pounding on things could frequently be heard in the background on the web stream and grew louder as the moment for the final vote neared….

The bill now goes back to the senate for concurrence, a vote that many expect to go through without debate on Tuesday, November 12. Even though Abercrombie has promised to sign the legislation, due to go into effect December 2, there may be additional battles ahead.

In response to a legal challenge from an opponent of the bill, a state circuit court judge in Hawaii said Thursday that, if the legislature passes and the governor signs the marriage equality bill, he would entertain the challenge to the new law. According to the StarAdvertiser, Judge Karl Sakamoto indicated he thinks the bill may be in conflict with a constitutional amendment voters passed in 1998. That amendment read: “Shall the Constitution of the state of Hawaii be amended to specify that the legislature shall have the power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples?”

Congratulations Hawaii!

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The Williams Institute has an encyclopedic command of the demographics of LGBT America.  As usual, everything you ever wanted to know about marriage equality in Illinois.

With Illinois, 37 percent of the entire U.S. population now live in states that extend marriage to same-sex couples.

A new infographic by the Williams Institute shows that the decision to extend marriage to same-sex couples in Illinois affects more than 368,000 LGBT adults and 23,000 same-sex couples living in the state. It would also bring up to $103 million to the state economy.

Did you know?

  • An estimated 3,831 same-sex couples in Illinois are raising nearly 7,700 children.

  • The boost in wedding spending will generate approximately 281 jobs in the state.

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The Cabinet has agreed to hold a referendum on same sex marriage before the summer of 2015.

At their meeting today, Ministers accepted the recommendation of Minister for Justice Alan Shatter that they should follow the advice of the Constitutional Referendum and put the issue of same sex marriage to the people.

It is now expected that same sex marriage and a number of other proposed constitutional changes including a reduction in the voting age to 17 will be put to the electorate in May 2015.

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For those following the Hawaii hearings it has a been a tedious, repetitive, out pouring of:  …gays are responsible for everything bad in the world and if you vote for SB1 the human race will disappear and God’s wrath will be upon us…and we will no longer be able to teach our children the way we want…and our marriages will be less sacred…

 It is reminiscent to pre-science/pre-internet times where all feared a terrible God that is always displeased and people are subject to charismatic leaders and their scare tactics.  For the current sessions, 5000+ persons signed up to testify, as of Sunday Morning, around 500 yet to speak. NOM participated in this mindless babble of incoherent “testimony”:

Warning same-sex marriage will bring “devastating consequences for society,” John Eastman this past week asked lawmakers when marriage became “simply a welfare delivery system?” Eastman, the chairman of the board of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, testified in Honolulu against SB-1, the same-sex marriage bill currently before the Hawaii House.

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There is a link to the speech.

‘THIS IS WRONG’: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced last night that he is directing the chief of the National Guard Bureau to take “immediate action” to force the National Guard units in nine states to comply with a post-DOMA directive that all spouses of married military personnel receive identification cards that enable them to use base facilities. In a speech before the Anti-Defamation League in New York, Hagel said the state Guards’ refusal to issue cards to the same-sex spouses is “wrong.” Gay military personnel “and their families,” said Hagel, “are entitled to all the benefits and respect accorded to all of our military men and women.” The nine states are Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

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Retired Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor today married a same-sex couple in the U.S. Supreme Court. O’Connor, the first woman appointed to the nation’s highest court, married a couple together for 36 years, Jeffrey Trammell and Stuart Serkin.

Trammell is a rector (academic, not religious, leader) at The College of William & Mary in Virginia, where the former justice was chancellor. O’Connor was appointed to the Court by President Ronald Reagan.

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