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Our first-ever LGBT-inspired flash mob – Sept. 16 in LA

By Ana Beatriz Cholo

We’re trying something new next Friday and we’re pretty excited. If you live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, we hope you’ll join us for a – da-dum – politically oriented, LGBT-inspired flash mob!

In a “casting call” email we sent out to Courage Campaign members, we said, ”if you believe in equal rights and think we should accept one another for who we are, this is the event for you! We’re looking for dancers, singers, actors, drama queens, drag queens, theatre majors, and just plain regular folk who are motivated and comfortable being in front of cameras.”

The response has been amazing. Who knew we had such talented members?

As for the flash mob, we can’t divulge the exact location or details – yet. If you’ve watched these choreographed performances on You Tube or in person, you know the surprise factor is part of the fun. Suffice to say that we’ll be peacefully and creatively dancing and singing for equal rights.

Here’s a piece in Beyond Chron that describes how flash mobs are the direct action of the future. An excerpt:

“In Taking on the System, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas argues that political activists must adapt to the technology of their era. Gandhi used newsreels shown in movie theaters, Sixties protesters used the mass street protest — which was effective at the time, because everyone only watched 3 channels and getting Walter Cronkite on your side could move the country. Today, with our decentralized media and more people online, YouTube flash-mobs are the direct action of the future.”

So, are you motivated now to get your flash mob on? If so, sign up here. We’ll send you more information, including the instructional dance video. We’ve got a rehearsal in Sherman Oaks and another in Long Beach tomorrow.

Leotards are optional.

Hope to see you soon!


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