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Tag: Gregory Herek

Liveblogging Day 9: Part II

By Rick Jacobs

Dr. Gregory Herek (H): IF we go back in time, we see that these ideas of homo/hetero emerged in 19th century medical discourse. May have been in some writing before, but that’s when we first find in medical discourse.

[Mr. Nielson, the lawyer for the defense, who is conducting this cross-examination has a monotonous, flat voice. His orange hair, white shirt, red tie and blue suit make him stand out physically, but he’s very soft-spoken.]

N: Indeed two leading researchers in this area estimated that only half of those who have same sex sexual ID as lesbian, gay or bi.

H: Can be limitations in defining all who are not hetero because not all have broad personal or social ID but still occasionally have sex with same sex.

N: The world in which today’s youth come to understand their sexual orientation is vastly different than before. (more…)

207 Comments January 22, 2010

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