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Tag: Ken Mettler

Celebrating Harvey Milk Day (Or Not)

By Julia Rosen

Tomorrow is Harvey Milk’s birthday. It’s also the first annual official state holiday Harvey Milk Day. There are celebrations going on around the state, from parties, to prayers, to rallies and canvassing. Harvey Milk Day like Martin Luther King Jr Day was intended to also include school lessons about the life and achievements of Harvey.

But some people are refusing to honor Harvey. The Kern High School board of trustees in Bakersfield voted earlier this week to refuse to commemorate him, banning classrooms from “recognizing” Harvey. Despite organizing from local activists, the board voted 3 to 1 on the motion.

It gets worse, when you read the reasoning, from Ken Mettler Vice President of the board who said:

“We should recognize individuals based on their achievements, not based on their sexual orientation.”

It’s not surprising to then hear that Mettler was Mettler the Kern County chairman for Prop 8. He also bragged about his advocacy to get Easter and Christmas celebrated in Kern public schools. So Easter bunnies are ok, just not Harvey Milk.

People’s attitudes don’t automatically change just because a law is passed. We have a lot of work to do and Testimony is an important piece of the puzzle.

62 Comments May 21, 2010