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Tag: Michael Lamb

American Foundation for Equal Rights rounds up the first week of the Prop 8 trial

By Eden James

The American Foundation for Equal Rights, the organization that assembled the legal team challenging Prop 8 in court, has released a summary of the first week of the trial.

If you’ve only been able to catch bits and pieces of the proceedings, this should help you get caught up relatively quickly before the trial begins again on Tuesday morning.

Check it out:


Ten witnesses, including Kris Perry, Sandy Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo and five eminent experts, clearly and convincingly demonstrated critical points in the federal trial on the unconstitutionality of Prop. 8 during its opening week:

• Marriage is vitally important in American society;

• By denying gay men and lesbians the right to marry, Proposition 8 causes grievous harm to the plaintiffs and other gay men and lesbians throughout California, and adds yet another chapter to the long history of discrimination they have suffered;

• Proposition 8 perpetrates irreparable, immeasurable and discriminatory harm for no good reason.


The court also viewed video footage from the deposition of William Tam. Tam is one of the five Official Proponents of Prop. 8, and as such was personally responsible for putting it on the ballot and for intervening in this case to take over the defense of the initiative.

The video footage of his deposition included statements from Tam such as this one, from a pro-Prop. 8 email he wrote: “They lose no time in pushing the gay agenda — after legalizing same-sex marriage, they want to legalize prostitution. What will be next? On their agenda list is: legalize having sex with children.” (more…)

33 Comments January 17, 2010

Liveblogging Day 5: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Wow! Can you believe it’s only been week one of the trial?

The plaintiffs have not made it through all of their witnesses yet, so we have quite a ways to go. It’s a long weekend remember, so we won’t be back liveblogging the proceedings until Tuesday.

As is tradition, below is the daily summary of the liveblogging in chronological order. Remember that the categories over on the right column are a useful way to navigate through the site, for example to find all of the liveblog postings, or the daily summaries. (more…)

66 Comments January 15, 2010

Liveblogging Day 5: Part V

By Rick Jacobs

Finally on redirect of Dr. Michael Lamb.

G: Do you need a break?

L: See the end in sight. My eye is on the door.

G: Let’s get in a time machine and go back from before that cross all the way back to when you first said that kids are better off with a father, back before I was born.


Judge: (Laughing) He’s your witness!

G: Has fatherless family term ever included lesbian mothers?

L: Some, because we want to see what happens without men, but in main it’s children being raised by hetero women without hetero father/man. (more…)

103 Comments January 15, 2010

Liveblogging Day 5: Part IV Afternoon session begins

By Rick Jacobs

Boutrous (plaintiff’s lawyer): Mr. Thompson said that witnesses were withdrawn because of the cameras. In fact, they withdrew them after the Supreme Court issued the temporary stay. We predicted in the pre-trial that they would withdraw because they could not withstand cross.

Thompson (defense lawyer): We in our papers explained that witnesses were concerned. Boutrous exacerbated situation when on Monday he insisted on having taping continue.

[UPDATE] 1:32

Cross-exam of Dr. Michael Lamb continues…

Judge: Why do adoptive children seek out their biological parents? Just asking as a layperson.

L: Because people want to understand literally where they came from. Does not relate to maladjustment.

Judge: NO relation to antisocial behavior?


Judge: No reason to protect children from lesbians and gays. We’ve all read the reports of priestly abuse in Catholic Church. How do you square your statement with that? (more…)

140 Comments January 15, 2010

Liveblogging Day 5: Part III Lamb cross continues

By Rick Jacobs

[(Scopes Monkey Trial, Day 5, returning from late morning break.]

Prop. 8 tries to use early studies to show that L agrees with Prop. 8 on early father absence studies of Blankehorn. In other words, L puts stuff in his 1997 book in context.

L: It is true that children in hetero families do better when they have good relationships with fathers and might have negative consequences of bad relationships.

Prop. 8: Our expert wrote a book Fatherless in America. You reviewed? (more…)

187 Comments January 15, 2010

Liveblogging Day 5: Part II Michael Lamb cross

By Rick Jacobs

[You GOTTA read this sh*t. You gotta. It’s both sad and very, very funny.]

Prop. 8: Gave money to ACLU, NOW, and a bunch of other orgs and “even PBS.” [Laughter] SO we can agree you are a committed liberal? You are committed liberal

L: Okay. (more…)

137 Comments January 15, 2010

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