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Tag: Michael McGill

Liveblogging Day 5: Part I

By Rick Jacobs

It’s 0845. The judge came in and said good morning, but then the screen went blank up here. Maybe Protect Marriage has finally gotten its wish and the whole trial is going to be held in a dark room in a basement? As you’ll see shortly, they are going to every possible length to hide this trial from the public. As the NYT opinion blog says, the more LGBT activists and our friends come out of the closet, the more Protect Marriage goes in. Hide!

I’ve been reading some of the comments and look forward to reading more. This truly is your trial.

Brian Leubitz’s piece this morning says it all. As usual, Brian has nailed it.

We’ll be back as soon as the screen comes alive.

[UPDATE] 8:52 The judge closed the courtroom to lawyers only. He kicked everyone out from the courtroom, too. I’m guess it’s about the documents that were under seal. We’ll report as soon as we are back in session.

[UPDATE] 8:55 The feed is live. The judge is getting ready. We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (more…)

87 Comments January 15, 2010