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Tag: Nicole Moss

Liveblogging Day 3: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Wow, what a day. Paul Hogarth cranked out eight different liveblog posts and still found time to do some legal analysis during the breaks.

Rick Jacobs will be back at the helm tomorrow, but Paul won’t be going far. We are pleased to announce that Paul is going to stick around and do some more longer form analysis. It is part of our efforts to beef up coverage, now that the trial will not be televised. So expect a few posts a day from Paul, along with Rick’s liveblogging and mine and Robert’s blogging.

And with out further ado, here is the daily summary of Paul’s postings. (more…)

44 Comments January 13, 2010

Liveblogging Day 3: Part VIII – Peplau Cross Examination

By Paul Hogarth

[UPDATE] 2:46 Nicole Moss (the defense attorney) is now going to cross-examine Dr. Letitia Peplau.

Moss: Your first opinion — that marriage confers physical and psychological benefits.  You’re talking about straight couples, right?

Peplau: Yes.

M: Because you don’t have data on same-sex couples, right?  There has been no proof, right?

P: Research on straight married couples are relevant — and there have been studies on gay couples.

M: And there’s only been one study on gay couples, right?  And there haven’t been any studies done on the physical and psychological benefits of domestic partnerships, right?

P: There has not been a direct comparison between marriage and civil unions — but we can hypothesize the differences.

M: Civil unions — there’s been relatively no research done on their benefits.

P: The reason there haven’t been many on government statistics on registered domestic partners.

M: Some of the benefits of straight couples — You can’t rank or assess which aspect of marriage has caused the observed increase. (more…)

197 Comments January 13, 2010