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Tag: Peter Patterson

Liveblogging Day 4: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Well this one was a long one, with Judge Walker continuing the cross-examination of Dr. Meyer well past 5 pm.

As has become tradition here, the compiled liveblogging from Rick Jacobs is below. You can find all of the Daily Summaries here. They will all be categorized and appear there. Same with liveblogging, all of the posts are here. Per a reader’s suggestion, we have added a category cloud on the right side bar. It should make navigating the site easier.

Rick will be back in that hard seat hammering out the live coverage of day five tomorrow morning first thing. (more…)

9 Comments January 14, 2010

Liveblogging Day 4: Part III more from Eagan

By Rick Jacobs

While we wait for the trial to resume, a few thoughts.

1. For most of the world, Haiti is the big news, as well it should be. The level of destruction and human suffering there is unimaginable. As I read the NYT this morning with two front page stories about Haiti, I could not begin to conceptualize what 45,000 possible deaths even means, especially in a country as riven as Haiti. So many Courage Campaign members and other progressives are joining with others around the country to try to pitch in.

2. The news out of DC that Obama is apparently trying to get some of the billions back from the bankers is heartening. We’ll see.

It’s hard to keep up with the world when focusing so intently one piece of it here in this court room. Some might say that in light of the big horror in Haiti and all of the other problems in this country and the world, that we should not focus so much on “the gays.” Well, the above are exactly why this case matters so much. We have to open our society to equality so that all of us can focus our energy and attention on progress, on making our society and country and world better for all, not necessarily something the right wing really wants to have happen (witness Pat Robertson on Haiti).

Okay, we’re back!

[UPDATE] 11:11 11:00AM, we’re back to Eagan.

[P is trying to show that he E used the Williams Institute methodology and not his own.] $2.7 million in annual revenues? (more…)

66 Comments January 14, 2010