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Tag: Ryan Kendall

Ryan Kendall: A Victim of Dr. George Rekers

By Julia Rosen

Earlier today we sent a message to our email list from Aryel Reish — a 23-year old straight ally who strongly supports LGBT equality. Aryel is also a very good friend of Ryan Kendall, a key witness in the federal Prop 8 trial who testified about the years of abuse he suffered from “conversion therapy” — destructive junk science promoted by Dr. George Rekers.

Rekers has been all over the news recently, including a New York Times article yesterday exposing his ties as an “expert” to the Prop 8 trial and similar trials across the country. Rekers co-founded the anti-gay Family Research Council and sat on the board of National Association for Reparative Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).

Rekers has destroyed countless lives with his advocacy for “conversion therapy”. It’s time we stop him. It’s time we stop him. Will you stand up for Ryan Kendall and so many others and sign this letter from Aryel and the Courage Campaign to Focus on the Family, NARTH and the Family Research Council?

For more on Rekers and his ties to Perry v. Schwarzengger and other trials check out this article in yesterday’s NYT. Another must read is Amanda Terkel’s piece on Think Progress titled: “How The Rekers ‘Rent Boy’ Scandal Could Undermine Prop. 8 Supporters’ Court Battle”.

38 Comments May 20, 2010