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Tag: Thompson

Liveblogging Day 11: Part III

By Rick Jacobs

David Boies is still thoroughly embarrassing Professor Kenneth Miller on cross-exam.

B: Reads a lot of what Miller wrote about religious involvement in Prop. 8, including that Mormons only 2% of CA population, Mormons came from outside US to provide personnel and financial resources.

M: Yes.

B: What part of the support was provided to the No on 8 side by religious organizations?

M: I have no idea because I have not seen that information.

B: You know that religion was a critical factor in passing Prop. 8?

M: I cannot say that. I know it was a critical factor for some voters. (more…)

319 Comments January 26, 2010

Liveblogging Day 10: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Man, David Boies just destroyed the defense’s first witness today on cross. I even had a friend and a former student of Professor Miller tweeting at me their embarrassment at his implosion. More specifically, Miller admitted that DOMA and DADT were legislated discrimination. And that was just the afternoon…

This morning the plaintiffs introduced evidence of Prop 8 proponents comparing gay marriage to 9/11 and a reference to polygamy or two. Oh and the tiny little revelation that NOM, the Catholic Church, LDS Church, and the Family Research Council all conspired together through to use fear and lies to pass Prop 8. It’s something we all knew, but it sure is validating to see it all laid out in Federal Court.

Boies gets to finish his fun in the morning, then it is on to their second and possibly last witness. I think they know they just hurt their case if they get any witnesses of their own on the stand, so they aren’t calling very many.

Now for the real show, the compiled liveblogging from Rick Jacobs from day 10 of Perry v. Schwarzengger. (more…)

76 Comments January 25, 2010

Liveblogging Day 10: Part III Back from lunch

By Rick Jacobs

1:15 and we are back.

Thompson (T) (defense lawyer): What role have progressive religious groups played with LGBT community?

Professor Kenneth Miller (M): California Council of Churches supported no on 8. Lists off a bunch of the 51 members.

T: What role, if any, did these churches play in the Prop. 8 campaign?

M: Many were active in the effort to defeat Prop. 8. Phone banked. Actively involved in opposition to 8.

T: In addition to 8, what have they done to support political goals of gays and lesbians?

M: Supported Leno’s bill, filed Amicus Brief for state Supreme Court.

T: What is your view of the intensity of support for lgbt agenda?

M: For many, has become a social justice, civil rights issues so it’s important to support. Increasing support, but some division inside some of the churches. Some see as primary work, for some, major issue of day.

Judge Walker: Which of the 51 do perform same sex marriages? (more…)

162 Comments January 25, 2010

Liveblogging Day 7: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

It’s that time of the day, where we compile the massive liveblogging into one thread for those who have broken F5 keys, or kids that demand their attention, or professors, or bosses and couldn’t stay obsessively refreshing all day long.

Today, Rick Jacobs and Brian Leubitz took turns again posting. Tomorrow, Rick will be there throughout the day. We are getting close to the end of the plaintiff’s witnesses. They might be able to wrap up tomorrow, but it could bleed into Friday. (more…)

17 Comments January 20, 2010

Liveblogging Day 7: Part V Wrapping-up

By Rick Jacobs

[I’m back in the hot seat for the rest of the day.]

Prof Segura: Not surprised that UNITE HERE gave $100,000 to campaign. UNITE HERE represents hotel and restaurant workers as well as needle trades. Both are frequented by LGBT folks.

S: Geoff Kors (EQCA) comment in press release that this shows long standing relationship with organized labor reflect his view, not sure it’s accurate.

Thompson: $1.7 million from unions to No on 8. Do you know of any to yes?

S: No. (more…)

99 Comments January 20, 2010