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BLAG Seeks Stay of Pedersen Proceedings

BLAG files a motion with the Pedersen district court, asking the court to stay any further proceedings in the case pending the resolution of the New York Windsor case challenging DOMA.  The Windsor case, in which DOMA was struck down by a judge in the Southern District of New York, falls under the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, as would the Pedersen case.  Thus, BLAG argues, any ruling by the Second Circuit in Windsor would provide a direct corollary for the Pedersen court to use in making its determination of DOMA’s constitutionality.

In addition, BLAG argues that the Gill and Massachusetts case, in which DOMA has been struck down by the First Circuit and which has been appealed with the Supreme Court, could offer further instructions to the Pedersen court if the Supreme Court were to rule on DOMA’s constitutionality.  Because of the ongoing nature of the Windsor and Gill/Massachusetts cases, BLAG writes, the Connecticut court should hold off any further consideration of the Pedersen challenge.

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