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Coalition for Protection of Marriage Files to Intervene in Sevcik

The Coalition for the Protection of Marriage, a Nevada non-profit that opposes marriage equality, files a motion with the district court seeking to intervene in defense of the state’s marriage laws.  The Coalition was one of the groups behind Question 2, the 2002 ballot initiative which amended the Nevada Constitution to ban marriage equality, and the organization argues in its brief that it has a stake in the outcome of the case.

In their brief, the Coalition’s lawyers write, “The Coalition’s defense team brings to this civil action what it would otherwise lack, a fully developed and clearly presented defense premised on the social institutional argument for man-woman marriage.  That is a fact-based defense.  It is also an indispensable defense if the Marriage Amendment is to get the defense it merits, and that is so because the social institutional argument demonstrates that the man-woman marriage institution uniquely provides valuable social goods, the perpetuation of which fully qualifies as compelling societal and hence governmental interests of the kind that can withstand any constitutional attack, regardless of the level of judicial scrutiny deployed.”

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