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Hawaii Family Forum asks Ninth Circuit to stay Jackson case pending Supreme Court decision on Prop 8

Hawaii Family Forum, the defendant-intervenors defending Hawaii’s marriage laws in the marriage equality challenge Jackson v. Abercrombie, files a motion with the Ninth Circuit asking the court to put the case on hold pending the Supreme Court’s final decision on the constitutionality of Prop 8.  The circuit court had previously stayed the case until December 17, 2012, pending Supreme Court action on the Prop 8 case, and made clear that HFF could petition for a longer stay before that date.

In its brief, HFF writes that “the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision in Perry [the Prop 8 case] … will directly impact the legal analysis and outcome of these proceedings.”  HFF also points to the Ninth Circuit’s decision to stay all proceedings in the California DOMA case Golinski v. OPM pending Supreme Court action in the Windsor challenge, and notes that all parties to the Jackson challenge agree that the case should be stayed by the circuit court.

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