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Imperial County Files Motion to Intervene

Imperial County, the county’s Board of Supervisors and Isabel Vargas, the county’s Deputy Clerk/Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages, file a motion asking the court to let them intervene in the case and defend Prop 8.  Imperial County alleges that it has a significant interest in the case’s outcome, since its employees are sworn to uphold the California Constitution and it is the state’s counties who approve or reject applications for marriage licenses.  The proponents of Prop 8, the county writes, do not have “direct stake in the enforcement and administration of California’s marriage laws.”

Even though the motion comes almost five months after the July 24, 2009 deadline for intervention motions, Imperial County argues that it is still timely since the Prop 8 trial is still a month away and none of the parties would be adversely affected were Imperial County’s motion to be granted.

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  • 1. Equality On TrialDevelopi&hellip  |  August 6, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    […] Board of Supervisors and then-Deputy/Clerk/Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages Isabel Vargas filed a motion in 2009 seeking to intervene in the Perry suit in a San Francisco district court, arguing that […]

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