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Judge Hears Oral Arguments on Motion to Intervene in Darby/Lazaro

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sophia Hall hears oral arguments regarding the Illinois Family Institute’s request to intervene in the Darby/Lazaro suit.  Bryan Beauman, an attorney representing IFI, says that allowing the anti-gay organization to defend the state’s marriage law would “even the playing field.”

Emily Nicklin, an attorney working with the ACLU and Lambda Legal in the case, tells the court that IFI does not have enough of a stake in the suit to be allowed to intervene.  “The fact that these people have spent time and money (on this issue) doesn’t meet the standard to intervene,” she says.  Nicklin argues that IFI and other state organizations seeking to to intervene should file ‘friend of the court’ briefs instead.

Hall says she will consider the motion and plans another hearing for November 7.  Incidentally, as the proponents of Proposition 8 did in the case heard by Judge Vaughn Walker, who is gay, opponents of gay rights in Illinois call for Judge Hall to recuse herself from hearing the Darby/Lazaro case because she is openly gay.

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