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Parties to the Windsor DOMA challenge asks Supreme Court for 125 minute oral argument

The Solicitor General files a request with the Supreme Court in the Windsor DOMA challenge, joined by all the parties to the case, asking the Court to allow for 125 minutes of oral argument time in the case as opposed to the usual 60 minutes.  The request, the Solicitor General writes, comes “[i]n light of the Court’s addition of the two threshold jurisdictional questions to the question presented in the petition and the Court’s appointment of an amica curiae to brief and argue those questions.”

In his filing, the Solicitor General asks that oral argument be divided into two sections.  During the first, which would pertain to jurisdictional questions, the court-appointed amica would be provided 25 minutes (including rebuttal time), the federal government and the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) of the U.S. House of Representatives would be provided 15 minutes, and the original plaintiff in the case, Edith Windsor, would be provided 10 minutes.  During the second section, pertaining to the merits of the case, BLAG would be allowed 30 minutes (including rebuttal time) and both the federal government and Windsor would be 15 minutes to argue their positions.

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