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Pedersen Plaintiffs Appeal Case to Supreme Court

GLAD and the plaintiffs in the Pedersen case file a petition for a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court, asking it to take up the Connecticut district court ruling striking down DOMA before it is reviewed by the Second Circuit.  It joins another DOMA case currently before the Second Circuit, Windsor v. USA, which has been appealed to the Supreme Court for review before the cases are heard at the district court level.

In its brief, GLAD argues that the Pedersen case raises an issue of national importance and that Supreme Court review is necessary since there are conflicting decisions on DOMA in the lower courts.  In addition, GLAD states that the Pedersen challenge makes a good vehicle for Supreme Court review since it concerns a wide array of the myriad impacts DOMA has on gay and lesbian couples, including its effects on federal income taxes, Social Security, and federal employee and retiree benefits.

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