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Pedersen Plaintiffs Ask Second Circuit to Expedite Appeal

GLAD files a motion with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals asking it to expedite its consideration of the Pedersen district court ruling striking down DOMA.  In its brief, GLAD argues that the circuit court should expedite the appeal because (1) the Pedersen plaintiffs face ongoing discrimination under DOMA, (2) an expedited appeal would allow the same panel of judges to consider Winsor and Pedersen simultaneously or close together, (3) the district court ruling laying out a reasoning for heightened scrutiny could aid the Second Circuit in determining which level of scrutiny to use and (4) an expedited schedule will not unduly burden BLAG.

GLAD writes in its motion that the plaintiffs would waive oral argument to allow for easier coordination with the Windsor appeal, and note that the ACLU and Edie Windsor does not oppose the request as long as the expedited appeal schedule in Windsor is not affected.  BLAG, however, opposes the request for an expedited appeal.

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