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Prop 8’s Proponents File Motion to Intervene in Prop 8 Case — Yes on 8, the official ballot proponents of Proposition 8, ask the district court to allow them to intervene in the legal defense of the statute.  The proponents argue that Ninth Circuit precedent holds that initiative proponents have a “significantly protectable interest” in seeing their ballot measures upheld in court, including the effort and expense they went through to see the measure passed into law.  If the court were to strike Prop 8 down, they write, “all Proposed Intervenors’ labor in support of Proposition 8 will be for naught.”  In addition, they surmise that California Attorney General Jerry Brown will defend the law in court, but point out that he has publicly opposed Prop 8.  Because of that, the proponents argue, he “will not adequately represent the interests of those who diligently labored for its enactment.”

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