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Public Comments Overwhelmingly in Favor of Broadcasting Prop 8 Trial

At a hearing in district court regarding the broadcast of the Prop 8 case, Walker announces that his request for public comments on the issue of televising the trial has received 138,574 responses in favor and only 32 opposed.

Courage Campaign, the organization which sponsors Equality on Trial, was deeply involved in the public comment process, circulating a petition among its members asking them to write to Judge Walker in support of televising the trial.  Courage delivered 140,671 signatures to the judge, 138,248 on paper and the rest electronically.  While Judge Walker’s count only includes the paper signatures collected by the Courage Campaign, he notes that the public comments were “very helpful” in addressing the issue of public access to the courts.  “Finally, after some 20 years,” he tells the courtroom, “we’ll get some sensible movement forward.”

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