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Sevcik plaintiffs file appeal with Ninth Circuit

Lambda Legal files an appeal of the district court decision in the Sevcik case upholding Nevada’s marriage equality ban with the Ninth Circuit.

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  • 1. Cocoslaki  |  April 9, 2014 at 11:29 am

    I’s almost 10am on Sunday in Australia as I type this. Firstly, I agree atuelsboly and wholeheartedly with what Chris wrote (G’day and good on’ya), and secondly, I’m very pleased to hear that this support is helpful. I’m sitting here examining the War Games info (and I atuelsboly agree with Jenna, they’re CRUCIAL), and I WILL put that into a verbal package as small and as easily understood as the one I created and distributed here (sent to hundreds of local papers all over this country, one of which rang within 5 minutes to say it was going in) . . and in relation to that, most people here don’t even have a clue WTC7 fell down, or that investigating Clinton’s sex life cost more, and that the victims had to fight to get even that. So just regard my pithy letter as mere intro (or at least, just my very small and very humble contribution – Mike and Jenna’s work is atuelsboly awe-inspiring). And as I’m off to my Summer Solstice celebrations in a couple of hours, with some very good girlfriends, I’ll send some thoughts and energy this way. Mike and Jenna, you’re not alone (as I’m sure you know anyway), you’re part of a community that ecompasses the globe.

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