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Sevcik plaintiffs petition Supreme Court to deny review of the district court ruling

Lambda Legal, representing the plaintiffs in the Sevcik case challenging Nevada’s marriage laws, file a brief with the Supreme Court arguing that it should not review the district court’s ruling upholding Nevada’s refusal to grant marriages to same-sex couples. ┬áThe plaintiffs’ brief comes in response to a request by the Nevada-based anti-gay group Coalition for the Protection of Marriage that the Supreme Court consider the case before it is heard by the Ninth Circuit.

In its brief, Lambda Legal points out that the state defendants against whom the case was officially filed have pursued the more standard course of appealing to a circuit court rather than straight to the Supreme Court.  The brief also raises doubts as to whether the Coalition has Article III standing to pursue the appeal of the district court decision, a similar argument to the one raised by the plaintiffs in the Prop 8 case before both the Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court.

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